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30 Days Bootcamp: 30 Data Science &Machine Learning Projects


Bootcamp 30 Days : 30 Data Science &Machine Learning Projects

Bootcamp 30 Days : 30 Data Science &Machine Learning Projects Step by Step Learn To Build & Deploy Machine Learning, Data Science Web App Projects 

What you'll learn

  • The Impacts Machine Learning and Data Science is having on society.
  • To know what problems Machine Learning can solve, and how the Machine Learning Process works.
  • To really understand computer technology has changed the world, with an appreciation of scale.
  • How to avoid problems with Machine Learning, to successfully implement it without losing your mind!


  • Interest To Learn


In This Course, Solve Business Problems Using Data Science Practically. Learn To Build & Deploy Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Auto Ml, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Web Applications Projects With Python (Flask, Django, Heruko, Streamlit Cloud).

Machine Learning Use Cases

Machine learning has applications in industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare and life sciences, travel and hospitality, financial services, energy, feedstock, and utilities. Use cases include:

  • Manufacturing. Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring
  • Retail. Upselling and cross-channel marketing
  • Healthcare and life sciences. Disease identification and risk satisfaction
  • Travel and hospitality. Dynamic pricing
  • Financial services. Risk analytics and regulation
  • Energy. Energy demand and supply optimization

In This Course, We Are Going To Work On 30 Real World Projects In 30 days:

  • Day-1 : Project-1 Pan Card Tempering Detector App (With Deployment)
  • Day-2 : Project-2 Dog breed prediction Flask App
  • Day-3 : Project-3 Image Watermarking App (With Deployment)
  • Day-4 : Project-4 Traffic sign classification
  • Day-5 : Project-5 Text Extraction From Images App
  • Day-6 : Project-6 Plant Disease Prediction App (With Deployment)
  • Day-7 : Project-7 Counting & Detecting Vehicles Flask App
  • Day-8 : Project-8 Face Swapping Deep Learning Application
  • Day-9 : Project-9 Bird Species Prediction App
  • Day-10 : Project-10 Intel Image Classification App
  • Day-11 : Project-11 Sentiment Analysis App (With Deployment)
  • Day-12 : Project-12 Attrition Rate Django App
  • Day-13 : Project-13 Pokemon Dataset App (With Deployment)
  • Day-14 : Project-14 Face Detection App Streamlit
  • Day-15 : Project-15 Cats Vs Dogs Classification App
  • Day-16 : Project-16 Customer Revenue Prediction App (With Deployment)
  • Day-17 : Project-17 Gender From Voice Prediction App
  • Day-18 : Project-18 Restaurant Recommendation System
  • Day-19 : Project-19 Happiness Ranking App
  • Day-20 : Project-20 Forest Fire Prediction App
  • Day-21 : Project-21 Black Friday Sale Prediction
  • Day-22 : Project-22 Sentiment Analysis Using Natural Language Processing
  • Day-23 : Project-23 Parkinson Syndrome Prediction
  • Day-24 : Project-24  Fake News Classifier Using NLP
  • Day-25 : Project-25 Toxic Comment Classifier Using NLP
  • Day-26 : Project-26 Movie Ratings Prediction (IMDB) Using NLP
  • Day-27 : Project-27 Air Quality Prediction
  • Day-28 : Project-28 Covid-19 Case Analysis
  • Day-29 : Project-29 Customer Churning Prediction
  • Day-30 : Project-30 Building A Chatbot Application (NLP)

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