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Nifi Apache Complete Master Course - HDP - Automation ETL


Nifi  Apache  Complete Master Course - HDP - Automation ETL

Improve your skills - "Apache NiFi Complete Master Course - HDP - Automation ETL" - Check out this online course - Apache Nifi 

What you'll learn

  • Apache Nifi (Niagara Files) basics to advanced concepts
  • Flowfile, Processor, Connections, Controller, ProcessGroup, Input - output ports, Funnel etc.,
  • Installation, Security, Customization, Scalability of Apache Nifi
  • Develop simple to complex Dataflow and take it to production
  • Nifi Registry - Dataflow registry
  • Hortonworks DataFlow HDF
  • Integreate with Kafka, NoSQL Database, RDBMS, File System, etc
  • Porcess different types of files like CSV, JSON, Text file, etc.,


  • Basic understanding on Data movement and ETL
  • Interest to learn more and upgrade to latest technology


Apache Nifi is next generation framework to create data pipeline and integrate with almost all popular systems in the enterprise. It has more than 250 processors and more than 70 controllers.

This course covers all all basic to advanced concepts available in Apache Nifi like

  • Flowfile
  • Controllers
  • Processors
  • Connections
  • Process Group
  • Funnel
  • Data Provenance
  • Processor relationships
  • Input and Output Ports

This course also covers on the Apache Nifi Subprojects like

  • Nifi Registry

As part of production maintenance, user may have to take cautious decision to improve the performance and handle the errors efficiently. To facilitate the same, Demo also covers on

  • Handling Throughput and Latency
  • Handling Back Pressure and Yield
  • Error handling
  • Failure Retry
  • Monitoring Bulletin
  • Data Provenance

To have seamless experience with data, handling of data latency and throughput and prioritizing the data is important. Its controlled with relationship, yield and back pressure.

Various processors and controllers to process various type of data is demonstrated.

Processors which are used in production scenarios like HTTP, RDBMS, NoSQL S3, CSV, JSON, Hive, etc., are covered in detail along with controllers like SSL, ConnectionPool, etc., with demo.

All these concepts are covered with demo and real time implementation is provided.

For easy practical purpose, all the demonstrated flowfile template is uploaded as part of the course.

Demo on creating and using KeyStore, Trust Store for SSL communication.

Using Maven and Eclipse EE for custom processor and deploying nar file to Nifi libraries.

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