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API vs Web Service: What's the Difference? : Views

API vs Web Service: What's the Difference? : Views

What Is an API? The term “API” stands for Application Programming Interface. If you break that down word by word, you can get a pretty good

What you'll learn

  • Overview of APIs and Web Services
  • Work with RESTful and SOAP APIs
  • Learn different types of API Authentication
  • Understand HTTP Overview
  • Learn GET, POST, PUT DELETE request methods
  • Create your own APIs using Python
  • Create your own Basic Authentication API
  • Learn XML and JSON data formats for APIs


  • A desire to learn all about APIs and Web Services
  • Understanding the basics of Python will help when we create our own APIs


Welcome to the Application Programming Interface: API and Web Services course!

APIs and Web Services are some of the hottest technologies in the market for building scalable applications!

Understanding and knowing how to build APIs and Web Services can improve the job you have, get you a new job or even create multiple contract roles in the future! These skills are are needed everywhere, and some of the highest paying job postings are asking for developers or IT professionals with API and Web Service experience.

In this Application Programming Interface course I will quickly get you up to speed, by walking you through APIs and Web Services from the beginning to the end! Whether you are interested in expanding your current craft, want to change careers or simply wanting to learn a very popular topic, then this course is for you! You will be learning modern technologies including: HTTP, RESTful & SOAP APIs, Authentication, Authorization, JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and more!

Why are APIs and Web Services taking over the market?

To make it simple, APIs and Web Services covers many aspects of modern development and architectures. Modern architectures that consume APIs include Microservices, SOA and many others, so if you want to get into creating modern applications, APIs are a must. APIs and Web Services allow you to not have to reinvent the wheel. With applications now consuming data over HTTP, this is the perfect time to learn about APIs.

This course is designed with beginners in mind! This means no matter what kind of background you come from, you will be able to learn one of the hottest technologies in the market. All you need is basic Python skills, and you are off to create your own APIs protected with authentication!


In this course, you will get:

- Knowledge on:

  • REST, SOAP, JSON, XML, HTTP, Authorization, Authentication, JWT, Postman and Python
- Responsive Instructor: All questions answered within 24 hours
- Professional video and audio recordings (check the free previews)


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