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Course Machine Intelligence - an Introductory

Course Machine Intelligence - an Introductory 

Machine Intelligence - an Introductory Course  Learn the cutting-edge Algorithms in the field of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence,

What you'll learn

  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • Information Retrieval algorithms
  • Deep Learning algorithms
  • Quantum Computing algorithms
  • Computer Vision algorithms
  • Natural Language Processing algorithms


  • Understanding of Calculus and Linear Algebra will help better understand most of the concepts discussed here. But you can look for helpful resources alongside studying this course.


This course focuses on the theoretical aspects of the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. It helps the students to quickly gain an in-depth overview of different algorithmic techniques used in various domains and applications. This course features external links to further enhance the experience and reinforce the concepts acquired. It also provides easy explanations of popular and useful research papers that are driving this field forward.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring and Professional Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers.
  • Students pursuing their PhD and looking for a refresher course.

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