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Preprocessing Machine Learning: Data [Python][Hindi]

Preprocessing Machine Learning: Data [Python][Hindi]

Machine Learning: Data Preprocessing[Python][Hindi] Free Data Science Course: Data Preprocessing: Correlation, Data Molding, Null Values

What you'll learn

  • What is Data Preprocessing? What are various types of Data Preprocessing and why we need it.


  • Knowledge of Python is required for Coding section
  • No prerequisite. Anyone can do this course.
  • After completing this course, you can connect to me on my blog for any question.
  • Urdu speaking people can do this course as well.


This course is designed to understand the basic concept of data preprocessing. Anyone can opt for this course. No prior understanding of machine learning is required. The data pre-processing concept and its implementation in Python are covered in detail.

Data quality is critical to a successful machine learning model. Data preprocessing is a prerequisite for machine learning. We cannot feed into machine learning algorithms as raw data. It is important to clean the data, analyze it, and transform it to understand machine learning algorithms.

Who this course is for:

  • Data Preprocessing is prerequisite for Machine Learning coding.

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