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Mockito with Java- The Easy Way | Views

Mockito with Java- The Easy Way | Views

Mockito Tutorial, Mockito is a mocking framework, JAVA-based library that is ... This tutorial should help you learn how to create unit tests with Mockito ...

What you'll learn

  • Understand what is mocking and how is it useful
  • Stubing Vs Mocking
  • Argument Captors
  • Write better junit tests
  • BDD functionality with Argument
  • Mocking with Easy Examples
  • Write Better Mocks
  • Fundamental Covered


  • Knowledge of Java programming Language is a must


Mockito is an open source testing framework for Java released under the MIT License. The framework allows the creation of test double objects in automated unit tests for the purpose of test-driven development or behavior-driven development. The framework's name and logo are a play on mojitos, a type of drink.                           --- Wikipedia

My Dear Friends,

I have designed this course for complete beginners . This course will take you step by step from basic fundamental theoretical explanation to real life examples. I have made sure the examples are not complicated and have made it easy for Entry level programmers to understand the underlying fundamentals of how  a testing framework works.

This course covers all the fundamental topics that you need to understand to get a head start into testing with Mockito .

Right from  easy explanation of Concepts , Environment Set up for Mockito , to fundamental concepts in J Unit , Mocking , Assertions , Annotations.

And also , i have given few easy to understand examples in Mockito topic itself , so that your basics are strong .

Although my course content is in English You dont have to be a very good at it to understand my content . I have made it very easy even for a fresher to understand how Mockito Works.

When you look at the preview i m sure you will feel comfortable and understand my way of teaching .

The course content is enough to clear Interviews . And you will learn it fast .

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