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Object Oriented Programming Using Java and Intellij Hands-On

Object Oriented Programming Using Java and Intellij Hands-On : Views

Object oriented programming in depth from beginner to expert. Learn concepts in practical and real way. oop and java What you'll learn Learn about various object oriented programming concepts

  • Learn how to use object oriented principles in real world
  • Learn and understand what are classes, objects, constructors and how to use them
  • Understand what is inheritance and its types
  • Learn what is overloading and what are some of the rules of method overloading in java
  • Learn what is method overriding in java
  • Learn what is abstraction
  • Learn what is encapsulation


  • A computer with internet connection to install java and Intellij
  • Understand basics of java and can write simple programs


This course teaches you everything you should know to about object oriented programming. This is not a theoretical course, but instead I will teach you step by step, practically, by writing programming examples. This course also helps you get started as a programmer.

It's time to learn java using Intellij. This course is object oriented programming for complete beginners.

This course is designed keeping beginners in mind, we have made sure that each and every concept is clearly explained in an easy to understand manner. So if you are a beginners, don't worry, I am 100% committed to help you succeed.

Learn basics of oops pillars like

  • Classes and Objects
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • Abstraction


  • This is a practical course, where in in every lecture, I will actually write a example program to make you understand the concept
  • Clear and simple explanations
  • This course is updated regularly

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