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Realtime Explore, Track, Predict the ISS in With Python

Realtime Explore, Track, Predict the ISS in  With Python

Explore, Track, Predict the ISS in Realtime With Python Where is the International Space Station, Who's On It? Let's Build a Web App to Find out with Python and Data Science

What you'll learn

  • How to track the International Space Station using Rest APIs
  • How to forecast using univariate data
  • How to run a linear and polynomial regression in Python


  • Student should know the basics of Python, installing and loading libraries and running a Jupyter notebook


Join me as we explore space, the ISS, Python and some of the basics of data science. I will show how to locate the International Space Station in realtime using Python and a rest API call and how to build a web app to share it with the world. I will also show you:

  1. - How to get the names of astronauts currently on board
  2. - Get the realtime location of the ISS
  3. - Plot the ISS on a world map
  4. -Track and collect the ISS position for historic analysis
  5. - Model ISS location data using both linear and polynomial regressions
  6. - Create a real mobile Web Application on the cloud so you can use your phone to share the location of the ISS to all your friends
  7. - Add a link to the official ISS live feed

So astronauts, young and old, very young and very old, climb on board, and let's have some fun!

Who this course is for:

  • The curious and the space lovers - all are welcome!

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