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Test Driven Development in .NET Core - The Handbook


Test Driven Development in .NET Core - The Handbook

Get Hands-On experience using Test Driven Development to test and implement features in a real .NET application.

What you'll learn

  • Unit Testing - Testing Core Application Code
  • Moq Framework
  • xUnit Testing Framework
  • Integration Testing - Testing Third Library Interactions (Like EF Core)
  • Application Level Unit Testing - Testing that the MVC Application behave correctly
  • Test Driven Development - Red-Green-Refactor Cycle
  • Using Facts and Theories to write tests
  • How to write testable code
  • Know about good unit testing patterns and practices
  • Unit testing in N-tier web application projects using xUnit


  • Some C# and .NET Knowledge


Test Driven Development (TDD) is a powerful approach to build solid and robust software. In this course, you will learn the skills you need to be able to apply TDD in your .NET projects. Unit Testing is a type of software testing where code is written to automate the testing of sub-sections of an entire application. This methodology gives more functional coverage and reduces the need for manual regression testing when the application's code changes. The purpose is to validate that each unit of the software code performs as expected.

You will discover the basics of unit testing and about the red-green-refactor cycle. You will also learn how to test and implement business logic in a .NET Core application using xUnit as a testing framework and Moq as a mocking library.

After this course, you will have foundational knowledge of Test Driven Development that will help you as you move forward to test and implement new features in your C# projects. You will have the skills and knowledge of creating a testable and maintainable ASP.NET Core application needed to architect real-world, enterprise .NET Core apps.

Build A Strong Foundation in Unit Testing in .NET:

  • Use xUnit Test Projects
  • Use Moq and Shouldly to write unit tests
  • GitHub Projects to Track Requirements
  • Conduct Red, green, Refactor Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Practice Test-Driven Development in real code
  • Learn to write testable code
  • Understand how to write unit tests, then create or refactor code
  • Review Pitfalls to avoid and common challenges

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