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use Excel : Beginner to pro like a management consultant

use Excel : Beginner to pro like a management consultant

Learn new functions and shortcuts, boost your productivity, gain confidence and become an advanced Microsoft Excel user

What you'll learn

  • Start using Excel like a management consultant
  • Learn the most powerful tricks, shortcuts, and functions
  • See the best way to address your everyday Excel problems
  • Dramatically boost your speed and productivity
  • Laser-focused lessons on what you will really need, no time wasted on functions you'll never use


  • Microsoft Excel 2007-2019 or Office 365, recommended for Windows operating system
  • Basic experience with Excel required for easier understanding of the course lessons (this is not an Excel 101 course)


Do you want to get better at Microsoft Excel, but you’re overwhelmed by the amount of effort required and you don’t know where to start from?

Well, HERE is where you should start from!

I designed this course to give you a complete and yet essential overview of the key functions, formulas, and shortcuts you need to know to master Excel.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar, a very powerful tool often neglected
  • Use your keyboard and not your mouse to speed up navigating within a sheet and through the sheets
  • Merge databases with VLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH
  • Use dynamic array functions (Excel 365 only)
  • Create and format Pivot Tables and extract complex data from them, with functions like calculated fields
  • Manage sensitivities and scenarios (e.g., of a business plan) effectively
  • Add your own macros to your workbooks without the need to know VBA programming language
  • Properly print Excel sheets
  • Use complex text formulas, combining multiple functions
  • Manage links and hyperlinks
  • And use many more additional functions and keyboard shortcuts you may not know to boost your productivity

To achieve the above, we will use real-life examples of some of the tasks you could face in your daily job.

I’ve been working in a top-tier management consulting firm over 10 years. During these years, I’ve strived to become the fastest and most effective I could in Excel, taking courses and experimenting. I’ve also witnessed the most common struggles and pitfalls with Excel you may suffer from, having worked with dozens of clients and having met hundreds of people. And I designed this course to help you solve them.

The good news is that it’s going to be easier than what you expect. Yes, there are hundreds of functions and shortcuts in Excel. But the untold truth is that you’ll really need to master only a small subset of those to dramatically boost your performances. And I distilled them for you in this course!

You can consider this course as your best investment. The time spent learning is going to be just a tiny fraction of the amount of time you’ll be saving with your new skillset.

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