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Web Scraping For Data Science And Analytics

Web Scraping For Data Science And Analytics

Web Scraping For Data Science And Analytics Learn Beautiful Soup | Request | Scrapy | Selenium | Build Auto Web Scraper With 5 Projects


What you'll learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of Web Scraping
  • Understand Modern Libraries And Frameworks Like Beautiful Soup, Request, Scrapy, Selenium, etc.
  • Learn How To Use Modern Frameworks To Perform Web Scraping
  • Understand How To Build Automatic Web Scraper
  • Learn How To Automate Your Browser For Web Scraping
  • Learn How To Scrape Data from Complex Web Pages Like Amazon. com
  • Build And Execute Web Spiders
  • Build And Execute Web Spiders
  • Be In-Demand For Your Career With One Of The Most Valuable Skills


  • This is a complete beginner to advance course and just a little basics of python is enough to get started


Learn Web Scraping from scratch for Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning and AI.

Hello and welcome to the Web Scraping For Data Science And Analytics projects mastery.

In this project mastery, we have only one objective. That is to really understand the concept of Web Scraping using python by practicing through real world projects and scenarios.

In this project mastery, my aim is to walk you through step by step the various concepts in Web Scraping, and demonstrate to you how to scrape data from different sources.

Build your own Auto Web-Scraper. An essential skill for a data scientist or analyst.

I will introduce you to the various modern robust libraries frameworks such as:

  • Beautiful Soup,
  • Request,
  • Selenium,
  • Scrapy

among others and practically demonstrate how these libraries are used by scraping data from simple to complex web pages like amazon. com

I will also show you how you can build an automatic web scraper that will automatically scarped data from different webpages and convert to a csv or excel file for further analysis.

This is not a theoretical course so get ready to get your hands dirty with data.

My goal is to give you as many real world practical examples as possible. As such I will even show you some of the projects that I did for one of my clients, which is the Indian Institute of business, one of the most prestigious institute in India.

There is also going to be a final capstone project that you can include in your portfolio.

If you really want to understand the concept of Web Scraping For Data Science And Analytics to work with real world data, then there is no better way than to gain a hands-on experience and that is what we are going to do in this course so let’s get started.

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