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6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance

6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance

This course has all you ever need to know about data, governance and what a fully functional Learn 6 easy steps to Win at Data Governance

What you'll learn

  • How to create a data-driven enterprise with real-world examples
  • How to quantify the benefits of well governed data
  • How to spot the risks and costs of badly managed data
  • How to set up a data governance function following 6 easy steps
  • How 9 data leaders are winning at data governance
  • What a data governance framework looks like, the common mistakes made building in governing data and how to fix them.
  • 6 important types of data that drive value in your business
  • How to communicate the benefit of well governed data to a business audiencce


  • A desire to unlock the value of your enterprise data
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Learn 6 easy steps to Win at Data Governance. This course has all you ever need to know about data, governance and what a fully functional data governance framework should include. The course is aimed at those brand new to data governance, those that need a refresher, or those that have never been formally trained on the subject.

Data governance can be hard for some people to grasp. This course is laid out in a straightforward manner and designed to help:

  • Data Governance and Data Management Professionals to understand and communicate their mission
  • Data Analytics and Data Science Professionals to understand the perils of bad data
  • Executive Leadership to understand the impact of bad data in their firm, and what to do about it

The course starts off with the basics you need to understand about data. Once we’ve covered that, we look at the benefits of being data-driven, and what prevents many organisations from unlocking the value their data holds.

We dive deep into diagnosing data problems and understanding the challenges that poor data present. This is especially useful for data professionals to prioritise their work against the most pressing data challenges their firm will face. It’s presented in business-friendly language, so senior leadership roles can quickly and easily understand the impact bad data has on their business performance today.

Lastly, we introduce the data governance function. By explaining that governance is nothing new for a business we help bridge the gap between what data people know and what business people expect from a data governance program. The introduction of Cognopia’s Data Governance framework describes the necessary steps you need to take to embed proper data governance in your organisation.

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