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Data Structures And Algorithms - Views

Data Structures And Algorithms - Views

Develop your programming logic by creating Algorithms and learn how to implement different Data Structures. you'll learn  Algorithm creation  Development of programming logic

What you'll learn

  • How to optimize resources, operations and execution times
  • Different data structures, how they work and how to implement them in code


  • Basic programming knowledge


In this Algorithms and Data Structures course you will learn in a basic and very complete way the most elementary notions about these pillars of software development. This course will give a complete tour of all the most basic concepts to learn how to create your own algorithms, thanks to the global vision that you will acquire. In fact throughout the course you will learn how to apply each idea to any programming language.

You will learn fundamental programming skills:

  • - Elementary Algorithms
  • - Development of programming logic
  • - Best practices when writing code
  • - Optimization of resources, time and operations in an algorithm
  • - Data Structures implementation in code

In addition you will have downloadable didactic material, advice from my +15 years of programming experience, solved exercises and examples of use for real life situations, so that you understand what logic follows each algorithm and know how to implement it in the language of your choice.

The course is divided into 2 main blocks addressed throughout the different sections:

  • Algorithms

In this block you will learn how to develop from scratch algorithms to solve problems no matter what programming language or technology you use. We will mainly focus on the development logic so that you will be able to transfer the idea to your own development environment. Therefore, no matter what language you use, the contents of these classes will be totally useful for you.

Among the different algorithms that we will see are included the sorting algorithms with a detailed explanation of how they work and each line and element of the code that they have. Did you know that in this course we will create a sorting algorithm faster than the famous Bubble Sort, Selection or Insertion? If you want to know how to create algorithms with optimization and efficiency in mind...this is the ideal course for you.

  • Data Structures

In this block you will learn about the different Data Structures that exist, from the most basic to the most complex ones, and both static and dynamic data structures. What is a static data structure? And a dynamic one? What are they for? How to use one or the other? All this is explained in the course.

Did you know that in everyday life there are many situations in which algorithms can be applied to Data Structures? For example in a simple supermarket we find several situations that could be handled with Lists, Stacks and Queues. Precisely in this course we will develop along a complete project, the management of these issues by means of Dynamic Data Structures.

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