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Learn to master DBT data build tool online course

Learn to master DBT data build tool online course

you'll learn. Welcome to this courseLearn DBT from Scratch. DBT lets you build a system of transformations on your data, with tests, scheduled runs,

What you'll learn

  • DBT building blocks
  • DBT environment – yml files and structure
  • Develop transformations from staging to DWH schema
  • concepts of macro, Jinja and hooks
  • Test your code and transformations
  • Case study – DVD rental chain from stg to dwh
  • Deploy DBT to remote ubuntu server and DBT cloud


  • SQL
  • GIT

relational database and analytics schema - nice to have


this course will teach you the fundamentals of DBT data build tool. you will learn the structure of DBT data build tool, the main components:

  • · Install DBT data build tool
  • · YAML files - configuration
  • · Create models
  • · Materialization
  • · Create tests
  • · Get to know macros, hooks, jinja
  • · Deploy DBT data build tool
  • · And many more…

DBT data build tool helps data teams work like software engineers, transform data and control the flow

to ship trusted data, faster.

DBT data build tool is an exciting tool in modern data manipulation, due to the shift from ETL to ELT in companies that rely on

MPP databases in the cloud for example Snowflake, Redshift, Bigquery and others

in the course, I explain the differences, but as a general idea.

It means that we first load the data as is to the target and then use SQL (DBT data build tool ) to transform it.

DBT data build tool  is the infrastructure to manage the sequence and control over the SQL – transformation

using simple yet powerful components

DBT data build tool will materialize your SQL selects into table | views and manage the flow of executing the SQL.

by using SQL it means that you don’t need a senior python developer or an ETL tool developer.


ETL developers, DBA, BI developers, decision-makers that consider DBT, SQL programmers, data analysts, data engineers.


SQL, GIT (nice to have)

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