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Complete Python development masterclass 2021

Complete Python development masterclass 2021

There are loads of Python resources online to choose from, but this is the only course that takes you from a complete beginner in software developmentComplete Python development masterclass 2021

What you'll learn

  • Python development
  • Scripting
  • Functional programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Python language fundamentals
  • Principles of software development


  • Mac or PC
  • Enthusiasm
  • Desire to learn Python
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Flask comes with a small set of easy to learn API, and the documentation is excellent. If you are new to Python, start your web development with Flask, so that you can get the feel of backend and frontend both as well as learn the core concepts well.


Python is the best language to learn when you are beginning with software development

There are loads of Python resources online to choose from, but this is the only course that takes you from a complete beginner in software development, teaches you the fundamentals, advanced topics, and makes you an expert in this field.

In addition, you have loads of practice exercises and challenges to work on. I didn't just add a bunch of exercises at the end. Instead, each concept is put in code and practiced so that we make sure you apply and learn everything through action.

You get over 24 hours of on-demand videos, exercises and most importantly projects to apply the knowledge we talk about.

I've spent years building software in Python, and years again teaching people how to build code for themselves.

This is the most complete course I've ever done, and it's all to help you on your journey to become an expert developer.

We will cover basic topics such as

  • language fundamentals
  • collections
  • flow control
  • loops
  • handling errors and exceptions
  • functions
  • higher order functions
  • recursion
  • generators
  • modules
  • working with files

As well as advanced topics such as

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Principles of development
  • Properties
  • Decorators

Libraries such as

  • requests for network communications
  • sqlite3 for SQL
  • tkinter for GUI applications
  • BeautifulSoup for HTML scraping

And we will be working on projects such as

  • hangman
  • tic tac toe
  • GUI clicker
  • store manager
  • weather app
  • web scraping

You only need to take ONE COURSE to master Python, it's this one.

Python course for beginners, Learn Python Programming , Python Web Framework Django, Flask, Web scraping and a lot more.

Lets Get Started

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