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Deploy machine learning models on Google Cloud AI Platform


Deploy machine learning models on Google Cloud AI Platform

Deploying models · On this page · Before you begin · Store your model in Cloud Storage. Set up your Cloud Storage bucket; Upload the exported model to Cloud

What you'll learn

  • How to deploy regression and binary classification machine learning models on Google Cloud AI Platform
  • How to send post requests to the deployed model
  • How to train an very accurate neural network to predict sentiment
  • How to deploy the Natural Language Processing Model
  • Some tips when using Google Cloud AI Platform for deployment
  • How to evaluate model health of a deployed model on Google Cloud AI Platform


  • That you have an active GCP account
  • That you either have a google colab or another notebook with Tensorflow already installed
  • Have Intermediate Python and basic Tensorflow Knowledge
  • Have very basic cloud concepts
  • Already know how to build an accurate machine learning model and evaluate it with a classification report
  • Fundamentals Of Cloud and Cloud Computing


My Course is meant for anyone who already knows how to build both machine and deep learning models that is interested in deploying them easily on Google Cloud AI Platform. So that they can send the deployed models post requests. Also you must be familiar with Natural Language Processing and some basic cloud concepts. I will explain everything in the videos. But most importantly you do not need to be an expert in python to do this. However this is again intended for those who already know how to build models with scikitlearn and tensorflow. Because these are the frameworks we will be using and selecting for deployment. Be sure when you do it to select the correct frameworks or you will most likely not be able to deploy your model. That I will also explain in these featured videos. But more importantly enjoy your time learning because should be a very smooth course. If you pay attention you will easily pass my quizzes. Again this is intermediate level not advanced or basic. In this video we will be doing predictions not in jupyter lab with the notebook but be sending post requests to the deployed model. You will mostly be sending post requests to classifiers and regressors the majority of the time. Also in this video you will learn how to build an very accurate neural network for predicting sentiment with the IMDB movie reviews dataset. Then you will deploy it. The datasets we will be working with are the malware dataset from kaggle, the car price dataset from kaggle, and the car purchase dataset from kaggle. However feel free to use your own datasets since you know how to build models. In fact that is strongly encouraged.

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