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UiPath & Automation Anywhere | RPA Developer | Build 4 Robot

UiPath & Automation Anywhere | RPA Developer | Build 4 Robot

Robotics Process Automation - Become UiPath Certified and AA RPA developer with 190 Exam Practice Questions & Mock Test.

What you'll learn

  • Learn Core RPA skills needed to apply for RPA Developer position
  • Create multiple bots with UiPath and Automation Anywhere for real-world business use cases
  • Key concepts of UiPath with UiPath Studio, Robot and Orchestrator
  • Key concepts of Automation Anywhere with Metabot, IQBot, TaskBot and Discovery Bot
  • How to become a UiPath Certified RPA Developer with Certification Questions and Mock Tests
  • How to become a Automation Anywhere Certified RPA Professional with Exam Questions and Practice Tests
  • Best Practices and Exception Handling Tips for UiPath and Automation Anywhere
  • Practical Artificial Intelligence


  • Basic Programming Skills


RPA market is growing at a fast pace and the demand for people skilled in RPA is huge. Companies are selective in hiring only those candidates who are trained on best-selling RPA Platforms and have earned certifications in RPA. This brings in the need of a course that not only trains you on leading tools such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere but also teaches hands-on proficiency in creating bots for business use cases as well as prepares you for the certification on these tools.

This course is a one stop-solution and has been designed for RPA enthusiasts who want to stay ahead in industry and become successful RPA developers by expanding their capabilities within Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Key Highlights Of The Course

  1. - Complete coverage of UiPath and Automation Anywhere Topics that are must For RPA Developers
  2. - UiPath Installation Guide
  3. - LIVE Training on 2 Bots Creation with UiPath - Web Data Extraction and Invoice Processing with Intelligent OCR
  4. - UiPath Certification Preparation - Key Topics and Point To Remember
  5. - UiPath RPA Associate Mock Test with 120 Questions
  6. - Automation Anywhere Installation Guide
  7. - Automation Anywhere Bots Overview - Metabot, IQBot and Discovery Bot
  8. - LIVE Training on 2 Bots Creation with Automation Anywhere - Web Extraction and Invoice Processing with IQBot
  9. - Automation Anywhere Certification Preparation - Key Concepts and Point To Remember
  10. - Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional Practice Test with 40 Questions
  11. - Quiz with each module of course having 35 Questions
  12. - Complete Coverage of all concepts needed to crack RPA Developer Interview

Enroll in the course and advance your career to become an RPA Expert today!

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