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BigQuery for Big data engineers - Master Big Query Internals


BigQuery for Big data engineers - Master Big Query Internals

A Complete & deep knowledge BigQuery guide for Data engineers & Analysts; Hands-On Bigquery via Console, CLI, Python lib.

What you'll learn

  • Learn Full In & Out of Google Cloud BigQuery with proper HANDS-ON examples from scratch.
  • Get an Overview of Google Cloud Platform and a brief introduction to the set of services it provides.
  • Start with Bigquery core concepts like understanding its Architecture, Dataset, Table, View, Materialized View, Schedule queries, Limitations & Quotas.
  • ADVANCE Big query topics like Query Execution plan, Efficient schema design, Optimization techniques, Partitioning, Clustering, etc.
  • Build Big data pipelines using various Google Cloud Platform services - Dataflow, Pub/Sub, BigQuery, Cloud storage, Beam, Data Studio, Cloud Composer/Airflow.
  • Learn to interact with Bigquery using Web Console, Command Line, Python Client Library etc.
  • Learn Best practices to follow in Real-Time Projects for Performance and Cost saving for every component of Big query.
  • Bigquery Pricing models for Storage, Querying, API requests, DMLs and free operations.
  • Data-sets and Queries used in lectures are available in resources tab. This will save your typing efforts.


  • Basic knowledge of SQL


Note : This Bigquery course is NOT intended to teach SQL or PostgreSQL. The focus of the course is kept to give you In-depth knowledge of Google Bigquery concepts/Internals.

"BigQuery is server-less, highly scalable, and cost-effective Data warehouse designed for Google cloud Platform (GCP) to store and query petabytes of data."

What's included in the course ?

  • Brief introduction to the set of services Google Cloud provides.
  • Complete In-depth knowledge of Google BigQuery concepts explained from Scratch to ADVANCE to Real-Time implementation.
  • Each and every BigQuery concept is explained with HANDS-ON examples.
  • Includes each and every, even thin detail of Big Query.
  • Learn to interact with BigQuery using its Web Console, Bq CLI and Python Client Library.
  • Create, Load, Modify and Manage BigQuery Datasets, Tables, Views, Materialized Views etc.
  • *Exclusive* - Query Execution Plan, Efficient schema design, Optimization techniques, Partitioning, Clustering.
  • Build and deploy end-to-end data pipelines (Batch & Stream) of Real-Time case studies in GCP.
  • Services used in the pipelines- Dataflow, Apache Beam, Pub/Sub, Bigquery, Cloud storage, Data Studio, Cloud Composer/Airflow etc.
  • Learn Best practices and Optimization techniques to follow in Real-Time Google Cloud BigQuery Projects.
  • After completing this course, you can start working on any BigQuery project with full confidence.


  • Questions and Queries will be answered very quickly.
  • Queries and datasets used in lectures are attached in the course for your convenience.
  • I am going to update it frequently, every time adding new components of Bigquery.

Category : IT & Software, Other IT & Software, Google BigQuery

Instructor : J Garg - Real Time Learning - Data Engineering, Analytics and Cloud Trainer

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