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Reinforcement Learning with Pytorch

Reinforcement Learning with Pytorch

But instead of using TensorFlow, I've built a deep reinforcement learning framework using PyTorch. PyTorch is a deep learning framework 

What you'll learn

Learning from video input


  • Basic python knowledge is needed. AI / Machine Learning / Pytorch basics - nice to have but not fully necessary. Only open source tools will be in use.



All the code and installation instructions have been updated and verified to work with Pytorch 1.6 !!

Artificial Intelligence is dynamically edging its way into our lives. It is already broadly available and we use it - sometimes even not knowing it  - on daily basis. Soon it will be our permanent, every day companion.

And where can we place Reinforcement Learning in AI world? Definitely this is one of the most promising and fastest growing technologies that can eventually lead us to General Artificial Intelligence! We can see multiple examples where AI can achieve amazing results - from reaching super human level while playing games to solving real life problems (robotics, healthcare, etc).

Without a doubt it's worth to know and understand it!

And that's why this course has been created.

We will go through multiple topics, focusing on most important and practical details. We will start from very basic information, gradually building our understanding, and finally reaching the point where we will make our agent learn in human-like way - only from video input!

What's important - of course we need to cover some theory - but we will mainly focus on practical part. Goal is to understand WHY and HOW.

In order to evaluate our algorithms we will use environments from - very popular - OpenAI Gym. We will start from basic text games, through more complex ones, up to challenging Atari games

What will be covered during the course ? 

- Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
- Markov Decision Process
- Deterministic and stochastic environments
- Bellman Equation
- Q Learning
- Exploration vs Exploitation
- Scaling up
- Neural Networks as function approximators
- Deep Reinforcement Learning
- Improvements to DQN
- Learning from video input
- Reproducing some of most popular RL solutions
- Tuning parameters and  general recommendations

See you in the class!

Category : Development, Data Science, Reinforcement Learning

Instructor : Atamai AI Team - Data Science & AI Passion

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