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SQL Server Database Fundamentals


SQL Server Database Fundamentals

for this exam are seeking to prove introductory knowledge of and skills with databases, including relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Category : IT & Software, Other IT & Software, Database Administration

What you'll learn

  • Fundamentals of Relational Databases such as the different types of databases, database management systems, and how data is stored.
  • Core Database Concepts such as normalization, constraints, and keys.
  • Query Relational Databases and manipulate Data using T-SQL
  • Fundamentals of Creating Database Objects such as Tables, Views, Functions, Stored Procedures and Indexes.
  • Database Administration Fundamentals such as securing a SQL Server Database and Database Recovery.


Are you looking for a course to jumpstart your database developer or database administration career, then look no further!

In this database course, I'll be taking you from the basic understanding of database concepts to writing your own T-SQL queries, to select, and modify data, as well as creating and altering database structures. Along the way, I'll explain the key concepts such as database normalization, database keys, and constraints, demonstrate the syntax, and give you an opportunity to test out the skills you have acquired during this course.

The course is designed to be completed at your own pace and consists of video presentations, video demonstrations, resources, and external links to text-based resources.

The first three sections include video presentations that cover the theory needed to understand how databases work in a nutshell, while the other sections mostly include demonstrations that cover the practical part of this course.

Once you have finished this course, you'll receive a certificate you can show to your employer and colleagues that you have the fundamental skills to develop and administer SQL Server databases.

This course can also be used as a reference for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) 98-364 Database Fundamentals Exam and covers all exam objectives.

Instructor : Rwynn Christian

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