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Apache Spark, Spark sql & Streaming basic to advance level

Apache Spark, Spark sql & Streaming basic to advance level

Spark Streaming is an extension of the core Spark API that enables scalable, high-throughput, fault-tolerant stream processing of live data streams.

Category : IT & Software, Other IT & Software, Apache Hive

Instructor : Anshul Jain

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What you'll learn

  • Apache Spark in Big data Ecosystem
  • Spark Internal Architecture
  • Integration of Spark with Hive Warehouse
  • One course to learn Spark, Spark SQL, D-Stream and Structured Streaming
  • Basic Scala Programming for Spark
  • Spark Streaming Basics with Java
  • Spark Performance boost technique
  • How to Design Project on Big Data using Spark 2.x with Hive 2.8.x
  • Structured Streaming with Spark 3
  • Code Spark or Streaming Application in eclipse and run in yarn cluster
  • Google cloud Big data environment Free setup for practical


I am Big Data Solution Designer in IT industry from last few years. I am adding all my learning and experience in this video series. So that you can understand working of Spark eco-system, work like a professional big data engineer and get a good job. Updated course with latest version

Benefits of this course:

  • Enroll into this course and get end to end knowledge of Apache Spark +Spark-SQL + Spark Streaming + Spark with Hive + Real World Use cases + Designing of Big Data project with Spark eco-system & Interview asked Use cases. This course is very rare of its kind and includes even very thin details of Spark which are not available anywhere online.
  • In this course you will get to understand a step by step learning of very Basic Spark to Advance Spark (which is actually used in Real-time projects) like with latest Spark version 3.x
  • Spark Setup , All file formats ,Hive Optimization Concepts like Partition , Bucketing , Joins , Spark Code Review like Experts : all demo / interactive sessions
  • Spark Google cloud account setup for hands-on over all concepts
  • Spark SQL Clauses : Distribute by , order by , clustered by , sort by
  • Scala basics Coding
  • Eclipse Coding Application with Java 8 as Maven Project and Spark API
  • Window functions like rank , row_number , dense_rank : all demo / interactive sessions
  • RDD , Dataset & DataFrame API
  • Different ways to create / insert data in Hadoop or Hive table
  • Spark Job Configuration Optimization
  • Spark Application DAG analysis and debugging using spark UI
  • Spark Streaming & Structured Streaming with Coding in Java
  • Performance Technique that big companies use to query fast on data.

This course is a full package explaining even rarely used commands and concepts in Spark. After completing this course you won't find any topic left in Spark. This course is made keeping in mind the Real Implementation of Spark in Live Projects..

Additionally ,You can download the Step Step Installation Guide (doc) to Install Scala and Apache Spark

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