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Testing AI based systems

Testing AI based systems

Data is the new code for AI-based solutions. These solutions need to be tested for every change in input data, to have a smoothly functioning system.

Category : Development, Software Testing, Artificial Intelligence

Instructor : Marielle van der Sluys

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What you'll learn

  • Understand the current state and expected trends of AI
  • Design and execute test plans and test cases for AI-based systems
  • Contribute to the test strategy for an AI-Based system
  • Understand the challenges associated with testing AI-Based systems, such as their self-learning capabilities, bias, ethics, complexity, transparency
  • Recognize where testers can best influence quality for AI based systems.


A non-technical course on testing AI based systems. Interesting for anyone who is considering using, building, or integrating AI based systems.

This course will teach you the “what’s” you need to take into consideration when building, developing, deploying, testing or just using quality AI based systems. We are going to look at:

  1. - What is AI and what is ML
  2. - The current state of AI
  3. - What the quality characteristics for AI based systems are
  4. - Challenges related to AI based systems, such as self-learning systems
  5. - Which counter measures you can take to influence the quality
  6. - The machine learning workflow
  7. - Which methods and techniques you can use for testing AI based systems
  8. - Why test automation might not be your first go-to in AI testing.

After you have completed the entire course, you will be able to create test plans, test scripts and scenarios for AI based systems. You can also identify which risks might be applicable for your particular AI project, you can monitor the Machine learning workflow process and measure the quality of data used within your project or organization. Furthermore you will be able to use the test methods and test techniques discussed in the course to actually execute tests for an AI based system.

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