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The Complete Coding for Beginners Course (2022)

The Complete Coding for Beginners Course (2022)

Learn to Code From Scratch: Become a Developer with this Step-by-Step Coding Course - Includes Many Coding Projects! Hot & new.

Category : Development, Software Engineering, Python

Instructor : Edouard Renard

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What you'll learn

  • Learn how to code, and even better, understand what you’re doing!
  • Get the programming fundamentals you need before going any further
  • Learn by doing: Build many real apps with fun coding projects
  • Variables, Lists, Conditions, Loops, Functions, Libraries, … All the coding basics are covered + more.
  • Master the coding process: Transform your ideas into code
  • Break down any coding project into smaller steps
  • Create decision algorithms
  • Learn with block programming first, then switch to text programming
  • Code with Python 3
  • Become more independent when learning any other programming language
  • Start directly with the best coding practices
  • Develop a problem-solving mindset
  • Understand the “why” behind things
  • Practice, practice, practice, and more practice - tons of activities and projects


Do you want to learn to code in 2022, and start a developer career?

Or have you already started and feel lost because you don’t really understand what you’re coding?

Welcome to the most comprehensive Coding for Beginners course - Zero experience needed!

At the end of the course, you will become a developer. You will be able to create your own algorithms to solve any problem, and turn those algorithms into real code (Python, …).

If you have to take any coding course first, this is the ONE.

→ Why this coding course?

Coding can be quite hard when you get started. You have to learn so many things at the same time: coding logic, syntax, developer tools, frameworks, and much more.

Because of this, it’s easy to get lost. And I realized that many people start their coding journey not really knowing what to do. Then the questions appear: Should you start with a language such as Python or Java? Should you go with web development or mobile apps? Which code editing software is the best?

The truth is, those questions are not that important when you get started.

What’s important at the beginning is to make progress on the programming fundamentals.

With those fundamentals, everything else - for example programming languages - will be easier to learn. And you will be able to truly kick-start your developer career.

It’s not just about the syntax of a language. Let’s say you learn the Python language. Well, you might learn the syntax, but then, how does this teach you how to code? Coding is not about syntax, coding is about solving real problems.

That's why in this course, I focus on this problem-solving part. To give you the thinking tools you really need to become a great developer. Once you have this training, you can then expand on it to learn anything else.

Now, how to learn those fundamentals the right way? That’s where things get complicated. When searching on the Internet, I didn’t find a lot of resources talking about this in a clear way, without focusing so much on one particular language. And that’s why I’ve created this course, which is the one I wish I had when I got started.

→ How will you learn to code?

I’ve been a beginner myself, and I first learned the coding fundamentals. Today, I know this was the right way, although how it was taught in school was a bit boring.

From this experience, and after many years coding and teaching coding, I’ve come up with a simplified approach to code that is going to give you not only the fundamentals you need, but that is also fun, step by step, and project-based. You will build real applications right from the start.

In this course, I’m deconstructing programming by removing everything you don’t need at the beginning. I will teach you the very basics without any distraction. And then, little by little, we will add more things, until you reach a point when you can call yourself a developer.

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