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A Career in Cybersecurity for Everyone! A Practical Guide.

A Career in Cybersecurity for Everyone! A Practical Guide.

A Career in Cybersecurity for Everyone! A Practical Guide. Learn how to use your existing skillset to build a thriving & rewarding career

Category : IT & Software,   Network & SecurityCyber Security

Instructor : ONVEQ Cybersecurity

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What you'll learn

  • Understand the scale and scope of cybersecurity threats to individuals, communities, organizations, and nations.
  • Benefit from practical advice & knowledge on entering and growing in the cybersecurity career regardless of the previous educational or professional experience.
  • Learn how to most efficiently & accurately find the right cybersecurity opportunities that align with your strengths and values.
  • Receive valuable guidance on applying the insights from the course to your own particular circumstances.
  • Learn how to identify and apply your unique technical & non-technical skills to stand out from others.
  • Get over a dozen free resources, demos, and reflections that will help you well beyond the course.
  • 12. Uncover the many unconventional paths that can lead to a career in cybersecurity.
  • Identify attributes and the typical personas of cybersecurity professionals.
  • Recognize the value of networking in cybersecurity, learn where to find cybersecurity professionals & how to make meaningful connections effortlessly.
  • Explain the different types of organizations that need & hire cybersecurity professionals and how to find them easily.
  • Define the many successful and non-technical career paths that exist in cybersecurity.
  • Explore what non-technical skills are critical to your success.
  • Develop an actional plan to take the next step in building a thriving career in cybersecurity.


There is no question that our daily lives are digitized at every level. We engage with technology when shopping, working, studying, tracking our health, managing money, developing social connections, and even using kitchen & home smart appliances! Can you think of all the ways that digitization influences your day-to-day living?

However, despite the proliferation of technology in our personal and professional lives, most of these technologies are not safe from criminal exploitation. Moreover, such reliance on technology has made us and our places of work more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Therefore, Cybersecurity has quickly become one of the most urgent needs in our digital age.

What is Cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is the practice of keeping systems, networks, and programs safe from digital attacks.

While cyberattacks aim to steal information through any means possible, including damage, manipulation, and disruption of networks and hardware, Cybersecurity focuses on protecting computers, networks, and information from unauthorized access or attack. Essentially, if a device connects to the Internet, it is vulnerable to attacks and needs protecting.

Today, many organizations and nations must employ cybersecurity practices. Data breaches can occur at any time within any organization without warning. And research and current events suggest that the severity of data breaches is increasing. In addition, the rise of cyber warfare, the attacking of national information systems, has made Cybersecurity particularly critical.

Attackers do not only target organizations. Communities and individuals are just as vulnerable to cyberattacks. You might think that you don't have anything of value for hackers to seize and that there's no reason they'd go after you. On the contrary—hackers love to target the unsuspecting!

In today's world of data privacy and digital living, cybersecurity threats are considered one of the biggest existential threats. So we need to be thinking about it at all levels—individual, organizational, national, and global. Therefore, there is no better time than now to educate yourself in Cybersecurity and enter the prosperous career of being a cybersecurity professional! 

Contrary to popular belief, a career in Cybersecurity is not limited to the uber genius. It's actually the complete opposite. Since the field of Cybersecurity is so broad and diverse, it needs people from all professional and educational disciplines. Just like there is a need for people with technology backgrounds in Cybersecurity, there is an equal need for people with humanities knowledge.

In this interactive course, I will show you that you don't have to be a technical genius to enter and grow in cybersecurity. I will provide you with all the tools, resources & knowledge that you need to take the next step confidently. So, what are you waiting for!? Register today!

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