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Complete Advance Ethical Hacking Keylogger Practical C|AHKP

Complete Advance Ethical Hacking Keylogger Practical C|AHKP

Hands-On Real World Practical Approach!! Hack any system and get the login ID , Passwords of your victim.

Category : IT & SoftwareNetwork & SecurityPython Hacking

Instructor : Debayan Dey

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What you'll learn

  • Learn How-To Get Started with Python 3
  • send the Keylogs via EMAIL
  • Record victims Microphone
  • Get complete Understanding of the Victims SYSTEM
  • get the Screenshot of Victims Device
  • Complete Computer Information of the Victim
  • Download and installing of Python
  • Build your customized Advance KeyLogger
  • Downloading and installation of Pycharm
  • file handling
  • Writing inside a  text file
  • Reading a text file
  • Append Mode
  • Use of "WITH" keyword
  • Pynput Library and Mouse control
  • Pynput Librabry and KeyBoard control
  • capturing the keystrokes and saving it in a file
  • Eliminating the extra key codes and single quotes
  • Installing important modules
  • import all the libraries in the project file


Hello everyone..!!

welcome to the C|AHKP i.e. the Complete Advance Ethical Hacking Keylogger Practical Course . My name is DEBAYAN DEY and I will be your Instructor for the C|AHKP Course.

Now this course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning how an attacker creates " A KeyLogger " and get the information  of the "Victim"  by exploiting various vulnerabilities available.

C|AHKP is designed by keeping in mind that most of us are having laptops or computer machine to work for most of the time right ?

and according to the latest reports , Cyber Security Theft has increased tremendously in last 5 years . So , in this course you will be learning how an Advance Keylogger is created with the help of Python and how easily an attacker gets the victims keystrokes  , screenshot , how to record the audio of your victim using the microphone , how an attacker can get the  victims system information and then exploit the system and much more !!!

As we all know , website and webservers plays an important role in every modern organization, That's why in this course curriculum , Only you need a computer device and this entire course is 100% practical based ! isn't this amazing ??? and everything will be explained in depth , followed with reading materials and quizzes which will give you a boost in the field of Ethical Hacking!!! so all in one , you just require a computer device and turn it into powerful ethical hacking machine.

Little brief about myself ,   I am Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) v2 , and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH V10) from EC COUNCIL

also I am certified Google IT support from Google , and currently doing  micromaster  in the Field of Cyber Security from Rochester institute of technology (RIT) New York in edx .

here are few of my other accomplishments in the field of cyber security ,

  • Introduction to Cyber Attacks , New York University
  • introduction to Cyber security for business , University of Colorado System
  • Palo Alto Networks academy cybersecurity foundation  , Palo alto networks
  • International cyber conflicts  , The State University of New York
  • Cyber Attacks Countermeasures , New York University
  • Networking ans security Architecture with Vmware NSX
  • Enterprise System Management and security ,University of Colorado System

Rest we'll have a meet and greet section to know other Learners ...!!!

so whats there in this C|AHKP COURSE?

First of all I would love to tell you , that this course is not limited to time . you may see 3 or 4 sections today , once you land in this course after few weeks , you'll see more sections and videos are added up. so this is the advantage of taking this course that you'll get regular updates about the new features and attacks and how you , as an individual person as well as organization or company can prevent from such an attack.

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