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dbt-Beginner to Pro

dbt-Beginner to Pro

Learn dbt™ from scratch. Build data models, perform testing, generate documents & become an all rounded Data Engineer! By Vantage Data. 

Category : Development, Data Science, dbt (Data Build Tool)

Instructor : Asanko Basak

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What you'll learn

  • Core features of dbt
  • Define ETL pipeline using dbt
  • dbt API
  • dbt test
  • dbt macro, snapshots
  • dbt hooks
  • Other advance features of dbt


Thank you so much for joining this course. I really appreciate your inquisitiveness to learn this great tool dbt. dbt is becoming very popular among data engineers and organizations because of its simplicity and yet most powerful features of data transformations.

This course is intended for developers, managers, architects to learn about dbt capabilities, features in ordre to implement data pipelines using dbt. This course covers almost all features of dbt using dbt cloud and CLI. Here I have tried to implement an end-to-end real life data engineering pipeline using various features of dbt so that you can connect every dots and understand the need of applying each feature practically instead of only theoretical knowledge.

I profoundly believe this course will help you in getting confidence in using dbt in projects and also clear any interviews. Thank you.

dbt-labs is constantly doing more R&D and upgrading their product. So as and when I come to know anbout any new feature launched in dbt, I shall update this course with latest knowledge so that you can be also updated.

Should you have any questions, clarifications regarding anything in the course, please don't hesitate to reach me through Udemy channels. I shall try to respond to question in a timely manner.

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