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Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer Exam

Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer Exam

Before attempting the Machine Learning Engineer exam, it's recommended that you have 3+ years of hands-on experience with Google Cloud products and solutions.

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Instructor : Stan Ducker

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Prepare for the Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer Exam! This is the course that will give you the edge. The questions are based on actual exams from the past few years, grouped together in a collective so that you are best prepared for the exam. The tone and tenor of the questions are the same as the real exam, with detailed and extensive explanations. We want you to think of this course as the final pit stop so you can walk across the winning line with absolute confidence and receive your Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification! Trust our process, you are in good hands!

Each area is given the same weight as in the official Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer exam. You can take as much time as you want for each question, but you must have answered all questions on the test within the allotted time. Any questions you do not answer in the allotted time will be scored as incorrect. You can skip questions during the exam and return to the skipped questions later. To pass the exam, you must score at least 70% on the entire exam. We recommend that our students retake all of our tests until you consistently score above 90% on each test.

Skills measured

  • Basic features of ML problems
  • Develop ML solutions
  • Design systems for data preparation and processing
  • Develop ML models
  • Automate and orchestrate ML pipelines
  • onitoring, optimization and maintenance of ML solutions


DETAILED EXPLANATIONS: After completing the practice test, you can review and check answers. Each question includes a detailed explanation describing why each answer is correct or incorrect, supporting your understanding, which is key to passing the exam.

HIGH QUALITY QUESTIONS: We have spared no expense or effort to create a hands-on course to ensure you are optimally prepared for the Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer exam.

SIMULATE THE REAL EXAM: The practice tests are timed and scored so you can familiarize yourself with the actual exam format.

RANDOM-GENERATED QUESTIONS: Each time you take the test, the questions and answers are randomly selected to ensure that you are learning, not memorizing.

REGULAR QUESTION UPDATE: We are constantly improving and updating the questions based on the exam feedback from thousands of our students.

ACTIVE Q&A FORUM: In this discussion forum, students post questions and share their recent exam experiences and provide feedback on the topics covered.

MOBILE ACCESS: Study on the go and access all test questions from your cell phone - anywhere, anytime!

SUPPORT: Have questions? Don't worry, our team has your back! Our course includes friendly and timely support.

We have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. So if you're not happy with your purchase, we'll refund your course - no questions asked! Can't wait to see you in the course! You can start improving your Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer skills today.

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