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Nexthink from Zero to Hero

Nexthink from Zero to Hero

Nexthink from Zero to Hero · What you'll learn · This course includes: · Description · Who this course is for: · Course content · Instructor · Student

Category : IT & Software, IT Certifications, Compliance (IT)

Instructor : Hatem Metwally

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What you'll learn

  • Perform IT End-User Analytics with Nexthink Analytics module
  • Measure employee sentiment with Nexthink Campaigns module
  • Drive automated remediation with Nexthink Act module
  • Identify and understand end-user and endpoint compliance issues
  • Define different use cases accross multiple disciplines (compliance, security, asset management, etc.)


As per Nexthink, Digital Employee Experience is Everything, so an IT department in any organization should no longer focus only on fixing the day-to-day IT issues, rather they need to also consider their employees' digital experience. They need to see what they face, know what they need, understand how they feel in order to deliver IT that delights.

Through this course you will learn what is Nexthink all about, how to install it in virtual environment, you will also learn the different modules and capabilities of Nexthink including Investigations, Categories, Services, Finder Alerts, Metrics, Portal Modules/Dashboards/Widgets, Scores, Using Metrics with Scores, Campaigns, Remote Actions, Some Powershell Basics, and how to create a custom remote action.

You just need to have basic IT and Linux/Unix knowledge in order to comprehend the concepts explained in this course. The nice thing about Nexthink that it combines many use cases accorss multiple disciplines, including Asset Management, Service Management, Vulnerability Management, Security Compliance, License Compliance, Security Awareness, Employee Sentiment. So Nexthink will allow you to measure objective hardware metrics from devices/laptops/servers and also will enable collecting users' feedbacks/sentiment to close the loop and provide IT administrators with complete visibility on their employee’s digital experience

This course is designed for IT administrators, System administrators, SOC analysts and Network administrators

The course contains two sections - Section 1: Course videos and Section 2: Advanced Topics. The first section is completed and it contains 20 lectures. The second section is planned to contain 3 advanced topics, currently it has one which is NXQL and remaining below 2 topics:

= Powershell Basics

= Defining Custom Remote Actions

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