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ANTLR Programming Masterclass with Python

ANTLR Programming Masterclass with Python

Tools for the creation of lexical and syntactic analyzers. Master the ANTLR tool to build language interpreters, compilers and translators.

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What you'll learn

  • Know the different phases of compilation, in particular lexical, syntactic and semantic analysis.
  • Master the creation and design of a programming language.
  • Master the ANTLR tool to build interpreters, compilers, and translators.
  • Understand the transformation of the source code to parse the abstract syntax tree.
  • Deeply understand how to design an interpreter from scratch.


Become an Interpreter expert and learn one of the most in-demand skills in 2022!

Learn how to design a compiler and interpreter from scratch, get hired, and have fun along the way with the most modern and up-to-date computer science course on Udemy. This course focuses on efficiency: never again waste time on confusing, outdated, and incomplete programming tutorials. We're pretty sure this is the most comprehensive and modern course you'll find anywhere on the subject.

This comprehensive, problem and exam-based course will introduce you to all the modern skills of an Interpreter specialist, and along the way we'll solve various  interpreter design and analysis problems to give you experience. You will have access to all the work material and templates in the downloadable resources of the course. so you can put them in your portfolio right away! We believe this course solves the biggest challenge for entering the field of computer science: having all the necessary resources in one place and learning the latest trends and job skills that employers want.

The curriculum will be very hands-on as we guide you from start to finish to become a professional computer scientist. The course includes the entire Interpreters and Compilers syllabus from a college degree. So to any self-taught programmer who skipped college, this course is ideal.

The course is divided into sections where we delve into each of the Interpreters and Compilers topics. In addition, we also study the main applications in the real world today.

Some of the concepts we will study are:

  • Study of the design of a compiler and interpreter.
  • Compilation and Interpretation phases.
  • Lexical, syntactic and semantic analysis of a programming language.
  • Design of context-free grammars.
  • Differences between compilers and interpreters.
  • Tools for the creation of lexical and syntactic analyzers.
  • Master the ANTLR tool to build language interpreters, compilers and translators.
  • Design of a Programming Language from scratch.
  • Concept of visitors and listeners in compiler design.
  • Study and design of the abstract syntax tree (AST).
  • Generation of the symbol table in the construction of compilers.

By the end of this course, you will be an engineer specialized in compiler and interpreter design. You may be hired in large companies. We will use everything we learn in the course to create professional projects. In the end, you'll have a stack of projects you've built that you can show off to others.

Whether you're new to computer science, looking to improve your skills, or come from a different industry, this course is for you. This course is not about making you just design without understanding the principles, so when you're done with the course you won't know what to do but watch another tutorial. Nope! This course will push and challenge you to go from being an absolute beginner with no Compiler experience, to someone who can create your own workflows.

Instructor : Lucas Bazilio

4.5 Instructor Rating

1,113 Reviews

17,011 Students

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