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Flutter & Dart | Learn by building Minecraft! (Flame)

Flutter & Dart | Learn by building Minecraft! (Flame)

Flutter & Dart | Learn by building Minecraft! (Flame)

A fullstack all-in-one course where you'll learn everything from Flutter, Dart, Flame, etc by building Minecraft!

Reedem On Udemy.

What you'll learn
  • Proficiency in Flutter, Flame, Algorithms, Local Databases (Hive), GetX, Game Design, Game Development, and much more!
  • Advanced problem solving skills, including usage of various algorithms, project management abilities, etc.
  • In depth knowledge about programming and algorithms, learned from practical examples.
  • You'll be taken through a journey of 8000+ lines of code, guided step-by-step, with animations.
In this course, you will be taken through the perplexing and algorithmic journey of creating a complex 2D Version of the game Minecraft, with Flutter, and a bare-bones game engine package; Flame. This is a jam-packed, all-in-one course made with 600hrs of dedicated work, which will leave you well on your way to becoming a better developer.

In this course, we'll cover every prominent feature that makes Minecraft the game it is, including-
  • Procedural Terrain Generation with Perlin Noise.
  • Biomes; Desert and Birch Forest. (Expandable)
  • Structure Generation (Biome Specific)
  • Block Placing/Breaking (Different Mining Speeds for Different Types of Blocks. Also accounting for Tool used)
  • Player Movement, Animations, Damage Indicators, Delta Time accounting speed, Quadratic Graavity, etc.
  • Health and Hunger System
  • Respawning/Respawn Screen.
  • Game Layout; GUI-game Separation.
  • Collision algorithm from Intersection Points.
  • Dynamic Crafting Algorithms.
  • Accountable Inventory System.
  • Global Data Management with GetX.
  • Day-Night Time Cycle (Custom Timer)
  • Hostile Mobs; Zombies/Spider (With their own specific logic).
  • Tools and Weapons of different Tiers.
  • Custom Block Generation (Expandable).
  • Gravity Blocks.
  • World Saving with Hive
  • Interactive world creation and joining with a launcher.
  • Launcher panorama effect.
And much more!

Instructor : Aadhi Arun

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