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Reptile Series: Pythons - Care and Husbandry

Reptile Series: Pythons - Care and Husbandry

This course covers all the basic requirements you need to meet in order to create the correct environment for your python to live in, plus more advanced 

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What you'll learn in Reptile Series: Pythons - Care and Husbandry

  • How to identify and assemble the correct enclosure set-up for your python.
  • Ensure your enclosure environment including heating, lighting and humidity, meets the needs of your python.
  • How and when to feed your python, including techniques for fussy feeders and other feeding issues.
  • Understand and identifying natural python behaviour.
  • How to handle your python safely, how and when to use handling tools to assist.
  • How to stimulate a python's senses through enrichment.
  • Safe practices including enclosure and personal hygiene, and how to transport your python safely.
  • Understand common health conditions, why they might occur and how to deal with them, identify the signs and reduce the risk of illness.
  • Learn about when to quarantine a snake and the quarantine enclosure set-up.

Description is Reptile Series: Pythons - Care and Husbandry

This course covers all the basic requirements you need to meet in order to create the correct environment for your python to live in, plus more advanced information to assist you with developing a better understanding and relationship with your python.

You will also learn about stress in snakes, health issues, as well as feeding and handling techniques. Whether you are new to keeping pythons, or have kept pythons for a while but would like to increase your knowledge and expertise, this is the course for you.

Master correct captive care and create an optimal environment for your python

  • · Consider different types of enclosures
  • · Learn about correct lighting, heating and enclosure furnishings
  • · Understand how your python eats and learn different feeding techniques
  • · Recognise python behaviour and master handling techniques
  • · Identify stress factors and reduce the risk of illness
  • · Enrichment for your python

Troubleshooting: Preventing and overcoming common problems

I will talk you through problems that may arise with your python, how to recognise and address them. You will finish this course with a greater understanding of your python and methods to reduce your python’s stress and risk of illness.

Contents and Overview

During the course I will show you video footage and images to demonstrate each topic. This course contains 48 lectures and over 3 hours of video content.

I have added some practical exercises, quizzes and printable resources to help you.

At the beginning of this course I start by introducing you to the many different python species of the world. I give an introduction into keeping these snakes in captivity, and the importance of record keeping for your captive animal. Then we delve into enclosure requirements.

In the feeding section we talk about how and when to feed your python, tackling fussy feeders and pythons that totally refuse to eat, as well as over-feeding issues.

In the safe handling section I will demonstrate how to approach and handle your python, techniques for handling more defensive and aggressive snakes, and what to do if you get bitten.

Pythons like any other animal, can carry bacteria and parasites, so I have included a section about enclosure cleaning and personal hygiene to help you prevent illness and avoid cross-contamination.

Then finally we will go through health issues that can arise with your python and how to deal with them, including quarantining.

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