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Data-Driven Investing with Python | Financial Data Science

Data-Driven Investing with Python | Financial Data Science

Become a Data Driven Investor. Take the guesswork out of your investing forever. Leverage the power of Financial Data Science, Financial Analysis, Python

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You'll learn Data-Driven Investing with Python | Financial Data Science

  • Remove the "guesswork" from your investing forever by learning how to statistically test and validate your investment ideas rigorously on Python
  • Discover and master the systematic and scientific Data Driven Investing process that will transform the way you analyse investments forever
  • Apply everything you learn using rich, large real world data (without compromising on the mathematical and theoretical integrity of concepts)
  • Learn how to leverage incredibly powerful relationships and rigorous Financial Data Science techniques on Python to generate Alpha (seriously)
  • Understand why the math works (and why equations work the way they do) - even if your math is weak and if math freaks you out.
  • Explore evergreen concepts like Expected Returns, Asset Pricing Models, and Portfolio Construction in unique Financial Data Science settings, leveraging Pandas
  • Learn and apply powerful Quantitative Finance techniques including "sorts" to create and design portfolios, regressions to "test for alpha", and much more
  • Discover how to quantify risk and returns of individual stocks and investment portfolios, both manually as well as on Python working with real-world data

Welcome On Udemy Course Data-Driven Investing with Python | Financial Data Science

Become a Data Driven Investor. Take the guesswork out of your investing forever. Leverage the power of Financial Data Science, Financial Analysis, Python, and Quantitative Finance to make robust investment decisions (and generate Alpha).

Discover how to use rigorous statistical techniques on Python to guide your investment decisions (even if you don't know statistics or your math is weak).

Say hello to the most comprehensive Data Driven Investing course on the internet. Featuring:

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(plus, all future updates included!)

Structured learning path, Designed for Distinction™ including:

  • 12.5 hours of engaging, practical, on-demand HD video lessons
  • Real-world applications throughout the course
  • 200+ quiz questions with impeccably detailed solutions to help you stay on track and retain your knowledge
  • Assignments that take you outside your comfort zone and empower you to apply everything you learn
  • A Practice Test to hone in and gain confidence in the core evergreen fundamentals
  • Python code (built from scratch) to help you build a replicable system for investing
  • Mathematical proofs for the mathematically curious
  • An instructor who's insanely passionate about Finance, Investing, Python, and Financial Data Science


Start by gaining a solid command of the core fundamentals that drive the entire investment analysis / financial analysis process.
Explore Investment Security Relationships & Estimate Returns

  • Discover powerful relationships between Price, Risk, and Returns
  • Intuitively explore the baseline fundamental law of Financial Analysis - The Law of One Price.
  • Learn what "Shorting" a stock actually means and how it works
  • Learn how to calculate stock returns and portfolio returns from scratch
  • Work with real-world data on Python and know exactly what your code does and why it works

Estimate Expected Returns of Financial Securities

  • Explore what "expected returns" are and how to estimate them starting with the simple mean
  • Dive deeper with "state contingent" expected returns that synthesize your opinions with the data
  • Learn how to calculate expected returns using Asset Pricing Models like the CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model)
  • Discover Multi-Factor Asset Pricing Models including the "Fama French 3 Factor Model", Carhart 4 ("Momentum"), and more
  • Master the theoretical foundation and apply what you learn using real-world data on Python your own!