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Basics Of Footwear Design- A Masterclass Series

Basics Of Footwear Design- A Masterclass Series

In this footwear masterclass, you'll gain instant access to ALL of my shoemaking skills, there's over 100 self-paced video lessons which you can watch in any ...

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Ever wondered how shoes are made? Or better yet, how can shoes be made better? The footwear industry is set to be worth around $440 billion by 2026. The industry is changing rapidly in some ways and in others, it lags behind significantly. As a massive contributor to the climate emergency, we need better designers and creative thinkers who can change the status quo.

If you've ever aspired to own a footwear brand or wanted to explore footwear design as a career option, or, simply wanted to feed your curiosity about this interesting industry, then this is the course for you! This basic masterclass series will dive into the fascinating world of footwear and we will cover topics like terminology, anatomy, and construction amongst many others which are pertinent to helping you navigate the industry. This course is a great segue into understanding the current landscape of the footwear industry.

The aim of this course is to empower you to make more informed decisions about your footwear career aspirations and help you better understand what needs to change in order to create better products for people and the planet. When we understand how things have "always" worked, we can being to imagine how to change this narrative for the better.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is perfect for design students wanting to dabble in something different. It is also suited to fashion design students who want to broaden their design language. This course is also suited to non creatives who are aspiring to own or manage a footwear brand and want to understand elements about the footwear industry. Knowledge is power!