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Cyber Security Guide For 2022

Cyber Security Guide For 2022

An Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security for Beginners ; PGP in Cyber Security With Modules From MIT SCC. Your Cyber Security Career Success 

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About the Prime Pack:

Tutorials point's Cyber Security/Ethical Hacking Guide for 2022 is designed to help you master the core concepts of identifying and protecting your servers from vulnerabilities. Learn how to detect various viruses, Trojan, Spyware, Bots & Botnets, and DMZ, and protect your servers from such attacks. Understand the Penetration Testing concepts and techniques used by modern IT Companies to protect themselves. Once you are comfortable with the security techniques, learn the art of hacking into a system to notify them about its vulnerabilities. Identify the minor bugs with your hacking skills and help your company build a more secure system to protect their data. We will transform your ethical hacking learning from zero to hero and help you in mastering advanced network analysis and system protection, penetration testing techniques, and reverse engineering to build your network security skill set and prevent outside hackers. 

It comes along with a course that will guide you with your preparation for CompTIA Security+ Analyst Certification Exam 

Scope of Cyber Security:

  • Cyber Security is a key component of risk evaluation, auditing, and counter-frauds.
  • Cyber Security Professionals have great demand in IT and Banking Network Sectors
  • Due to an increased threat of vulnerabilities, cyber security is trending as compared to other profiles.
  • Cyber security officers and Ethical Hacker can earn as much as $92,000 a year!


  • Protecting your network and infrastructure against various popular DDoS attacks vectors
  • Learn about various Cyber Threats such as BFA (Brute Force Attack) , IP Spoofing, Url Spoofing, LDAP Injection, SQL Injection, MIMA, Phishing Attacks and much more.
  • Create an Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
  • Prepare yourself for CompTIA Security+ Certification (SY0-501)
  • Learn how to perform Penetration Testing using Kali Linux
  • Reduce the risk of your Linux system being hacked or compromised
  • Learn the fundamentals to become an Ethical Hacker