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Learn Big Data Analysis On AWS And Microsoft Azure

Learn Big Data Analysis On AWS And Microsoft Azure

This course is all about learning various cloud Analytics options available on Microsoft AZURE and AWS cloud platforms. We will explore following Data 

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In this course you will learn about various cloud services on AWS and Microsoft Azure that can be used for simple Data Analytics and Big Data Analytics. You can choose a combination of cloud resources and methods that can be integrated together to build a solution and various use cases. This course begins with lessons on Amazon Glue that is widely used by developers to build a crawler that can span through a variety of data sources and fetch some useful data from them and store those information in Amazon Athena as datasets. Later on, we can perform various types of operations and run SQL queries on Athena just any other database for finding useful insights from dataset. Moreover, you can also prepare a dataset by transforming it using SQL.

On AWS, you will learn about-

  • Create a S3 bucket and add dataset
  • Create a Crawler using AWS Glue
  • Configuring output database name for crawler
  • Customize Schema, find table details in Glue and Log groups in Cloud
  • Run SQL Queries on Athena and store output in S3 bucket
  • Create and Save Custom Query in AWS Athena

After covering AWS Glue, S3 and Athena, you would learn about various Data Analysis services on Microsoft Azure. You will learn with hands-on practical lessons first on Azure HDInsight followed by Streaming Analysis.

On Microsoft Azure, you will learn about-

  • Stream Analytics
  • HDInsight