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Red Hat Identity Management (IdM) Or FreeIPA

Red Hat Identity Management (IdM) Or FreeIPA

To migrate a FreeIPA deployment on a non-RHEL Linux distribution to an Identity Management (IdM) deployment on RHEL 8 servers, you must first add a new RHEL ...

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During this course, we’ll covers the installation, administration, and best practices for operating a FreeIPA or Red Hat IdM instance. The course includes coverage of FreeIPA users, groups, hosts, and access policies. Also included is coverage of the underlying technologies that form the basis of FreeIPA such as Kerberos, SSSD, and external DNS.

Also, how elegantly solve identity management across multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, UNIX, ...)? IdM or FreeIPA offers a robust solution to manage all user accounts, groups, roles and permissions, including SSH keys and SUDO rules. Based on integration with Microsoft Active Directory, you can gain a unique linking the worlds of Microsoft and UNIX / Linux.

This course is intended for IT administrators of Linux systems who want to learn how IdM works and learn how to install or operate. The participants go through various scenarios, including deployment IdM architecture design in multiple locations, integration with Microsoft AD domain, the migration of users from other systems and backup.


  • Identity Management (IdM)
  • IDM with external DNS


  • Basic IT and Cyber Security knowledge (Not essential)
  • Experience with managing systems RHEL or CentOS