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Linux Administration: Build 5 Hands-On Linux Projects 2023

Linux Administration: Build 5 Hands-On Linux Projects 2023

Learn Linux by Doing with 5 Projects: Docker, Secure Linux, Run Web and DNS Servers, Run a Mail System, Automate Linux

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What you'll learn

  • Become a professional Linux Engineer by Building 5 Hands-On Linux Projects.
  • Learn how to run containerized applications with Docker.
  • Learn to manage Docker images and containers.
  • Learn to tag and push images to Docker Hub.
  • Learn to build custom Docker images using Dockerfile.
  • Learn how to secure and harden Linux Systems.
  • You will MASTER Network Security Key Concepts (Encryption, Steganography, Reconnaissance, Iptables Firewall ...).
  • Learn to configure an authoritative DNS server (BIND9).
  • Learn to configure a Web Server (Apache2).
  • Learn to install and secure WordPress.
  • Learn to run a Mail System (Potsfix, Dovecot, MySql, OpenSSL, SMTP AUTH, Rspamd, ClamAV).
  • Acquire the skills to automate the most common Linux administrative tasks using Bash scripting and Ansible.
  • Learn to use Ansible in large Networks for Network Automation.
  • By the end of this course you will have a deep understand of the Linux operating system and be able to apply that knowledge in Real-World projects.

***Fully updated for 2023*** This practical Linux Administration course consists of Building 5 Hands-On Linux projects from scratch! It’s the 2nd part of “Linux Administration: The Complete Linux Bootcamp” and requires basic Linux knowledge. The course is not recommended for complete beginners!

Course Updates:

  • Update: November 2022 - Updates to be 2023 ready
  • Update: Summer 2022 - New Videos in the Security section, different other updates
  • Update: August 2021 - New Videos in the "Running a Mail System" project on fighting against malware (Postfix Access Restrictions In-Depth, Rspamd, Amavis & ClavAv)
  • Update: April 2021 - New Videos in the "Running a Web Server" project on Apache Authorization and Authentication, HTTP Compression,  mod_status, and many more
  • Course Launch: January 10, 2021
This course IS NOT like any other Linux Administration course you can take online. This course is focused on learning by doing. You’ll learn what really matters and you’ll get the skills to get ahead and gain an edge.

Enrolling now in this project-focused Linux Administration course is the best investment in your career!

By the end of this course, you'll have an in-depth knowledge of building real-world projects in Linux.