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The Technical Placement Series 2023

The Technical Placement Series 2023

The Technology Industrial Placement Programme is either 6 or 12 months in duration. Placements typically start in June, but alternative start dates

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Want to ace your next interview and land that open job you've been seeking? Here is the course to help you prepare.

I have curated the important questions from various topics with their explanations so that you would not need anyone else to explain if you are stuck.

The TEST SERIES is updated frequently so that you do not need to search for the questions else where.

This is for students and professionals who are looking to test themselves and prepare for coding interviews. Throughout this series, a step-by-step approach is followed to make you understand different Data Structures and Algorithms. You will see code implementation of different data structures and algorithms.

Evaluation of the preparation: This is where a diligently planned test series becomes invaluable. It not only helps you be consistent by providing regular time-bound subject targets, but also assists you in analyzing your strong and weak areas.

Analysis of Strength and Weakness: You get a clear reflection of the part of the syllabus you need to focus more on. As both Papers I & II have a negative marking scheme, your prudence and smartness in attempting the right questions and the right number of questions also matter.

In the current circumstances, it is rather difficult to join an offline test series. Hence, we have brought online test series for interview preparation.