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Nodejs, Express, Typescript, MongoDb & more: The real path

Nodejs, Express, Typescript, MongoDb & more: The real path

In this course, you will learn advanced Node.js with TypeScript, and will have the opportunity to build projects that will be highly valued by companies and professional developers.

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What you'll learn

  • Master the entire modern back-end stack: Node, Express, Graphql, TypeOrm, Postgres, MongoDB and Mongoose with Typescript
  • Learn how to create npm packages with nodejs and typescript
  • Learn: SocketIO, Stripe, Graphql with apollo and express, Typeorm, github/actions, CI/CD
  • Learn how you should structure your nodejs project in a professional way
  • How to use mongoose with Typescript
  • Error handling in node js with expresjs
  • Security: encryption, sanitization, cookie session, etc
  • Learn how to hide passwords and confidential data in the right way
  • Deep dive into mongoose (including advanced features)
  • Learn how to test a nodejs api with automated tests
  • Create a professional documentation for your api
  • Upload multiple images and manage them inside MongoDB database
  • Use Modern Javascript syntax