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Unreal Engine 4 C++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course

Unreal Engine 4 C++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course

Learn Unreal Engine 5 C++ Programming by Creating an Action-RPG Style Open World Game! This course will take you from beginner to hero as we create ...

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In this series, you will learn Unreal Engine C++ programming from the basics all the way up to packaging a complete video game. You will learn all of the following and more:

  • Object, Actor, Pawn and Character creation, and the differences between these classes
  • Coding a complete character class, complete with animations and user input
  • Finding a nearly endless selection of free assets and how to download and use them for your game
  • Enemy movement and behavior
  • Combat with melee weapons
  • Picking up and equipping items
  • Damage, Hit Points and Death
  • HUD elements including Health and Stamina Bars as well as Icons
  • How to create menus, including a Pause menu
  • Saving and Loading game data even after turning off the computer or exiting the game
  • Switching levels in game
  • Floating platforms using interpolation
  • Timers for delays in game logic
  • Trigger volumes, pressure switches, and doors
  • Bombs, explosives and hazards
  • Logging and drawing spheres for debug purposes
  • Using C++ concepts applied to game development
  • Much much more!

This is a C++ course and some basic knowledge of the C++ (or a similar language) is needed. I recommend you take my first course, Learn C++ for Game Development, if you don't have any experience in C++.