ASP.NET Core MVC course: Complete practical guide (.NET 7)


ASP.NET Core MVC course: Complete practical guide (.NET 7)

Learn and Master your ASP.NET Core MVC skills with Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET Core Identity using a project

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A Comprehensive Course on ASP.NET Core MVC (.NET 7 ) where you will learn and master your ASP.NET Core skills and be excellent at making websites using the ASP.NET MVC Framework.

Why do you need this course?

If you are trying to learn ASP.NET Core and specifically build websites with ASP.NET Core MVC and Entity Framework Core (EF Core), then you have come to the right course.
This course helps you understand ASP.NET MVC as you have never thought of.
Concentrating on the practical aspect of web development, You will learn and master ASP.NET Core MVC and with the help of this course and the knowledge you will acquire in this course, you will be able to implement that in your projects and your organization as well.

What is special about this particular  ASP.NET Core MVC course?

  • In this course, we will build a Real-World Web Application as we learn the core concepts of ASP.NET MVC.

  • Building a real application will make you confident and will boost your morale as you will be seeing actual stuff being built as you understand the concepts of ASP.NET Core MVC and Entity Framework Core (EF Core).

  • This is a complete guide to Learning and Building scalable and data-driven websites using ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core [.NET 7], and MVC Framework.

  • This course is built on the latest ASP.NET Core version. Through this course, you will get to know about the new features of ASP.NET Core and stay up to date with this technology.

  • This course is for all skill levels and is best suited for beginners and intermediate developers who have gained knowledge in C# and ASP.NET framework and want to use their skills to build websites using ASP.NET Core MVC.

ASP.NET Core MVC course: Complete practical guide (.NET 7) | Udemy

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Some of the reviews

Hands down the best way to learn this technology stack. Sameer really did a good job here and I hope he will be blessing us with more interesting Angular projects in the future! Maybe a sample e-commerce or Hotel Booking app :)

ASP.NET Core MVC course: Complete practical guide (.NET 7) | Udemy

 - Although I didn't have any prior experience with C# OR .Net Core MVC, I was still able to grasp a lot from this course, all thanks to the instructor!

- A very detailed and extensive course! clear voice and great detail to topics.
... and1000s of more reviews on my courses.

Money Back Guarantee

I Guarantee you that after finishing this course, you will be confident enough to create web applications using .NET Core MVC on your own.

You will feel confident at work or creating your own projects.

If you want to create functional, generic, clean, and usable websites using ASP.NET, then this is the course for you.

If still, you are unable to get benefit from this course (we will be sad to see you go!), there is a "30-day money back guaranteed by Udemy".

ASP.NET Core MVC course: Complete practical guide (.NET 7) | Udemy

 In this course, you will learn and implement:

  • Learn And Create Your First ASP.NET MVC Application

  • Create a fully functional, highly scalable blog application

  • Repository Pattern in ASP.NET Core

  • If you come from an ASP.NET background, then this will be a good step forward in learning the latest Web technology that Microsoft gives us to build websites and that is ASP.NET MVC.

  • Understand and learn the concepts of .NET 7 and apply them using the ASPNET MVC Framework

  • Domain Modelling

  • Entity Framework Code First Approach

  • SQL Server

  • Seeding the Database

  • CRUD operations using ASP.NET MVC

  • Showing Notifications (ViewData, TempData, etc)

  • Routing in ASP NET MVC

  • Domain Models vs View Models

  • Authentication and Authorization

  • Multi-Role Authorization

  • Full User and Admin Support in the Blog Application

  • Rich Text Editor

  • Uploading Images To A 3rd Party Image Hosting Provider

  • Creating APIs within our ASP NET Core MVC Application and Call Them using Javascript

  • Server-Side and Client-Side Validations.

  • Create, Read, Update, and Delete using Entity Framework Core and SQL Server

  • Web Development Using MVC in ASP.NET Core

  • Write Clean, Re-Usable Code


  • 3-6 Months Of Knowledge In C# Language and ASP NET (ASP NET Core or ASP NET Framework)
  • 3-6 months experience working with ASPNET Core and C#
  • Hands On Experience Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • Hands On Experience Using Visual Studio

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced Developers who are keen to learn creating modular, data driven websites using ASP NET Core MVC
  • Developers who have done ASPNET MVC in the past but want to refresh their memory with the latest techniques in ASP NET Core MVC

ASP.NET Core MVC course: Complete practical guide (.NET 7) | Udemy