Graphics in Unity 3D for Beginners


Graphics in Unity 3D for Beginners

Achieve Triple-A graphics quality in Unity using the post processing stack.

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 This course is about the creation of Graphics for Video Games with Unity.

Adding Graphics for video games can be a technical endeavor, but at its core, it's an art form. You'll learn about the various image effects Bloom, Depth Of Field, Screen Space Reflections, and so much more. you'll get the concept of how to approach advanced image effects like Night Vision, Underwater, Solo Color effect, and more.

It contains the theory, the practice, and the creative liberty you will need in your future as a Game Artist.

With this course you will also learn:

1) How to use the Post-Processing Stack and create advanced image effects;

2) How to Color Grade your game (the right way) and give it a Cinematic Look

It's suitable for beginners to Intermediate levels, and also for the more advanced artists as this mini-course contains lots of nerdy information, tips, and tricks on how to approach this topic. Over time, the course will get regular updates and keep on trend with industry techniques and standards. New content will also be added in the future.

Disclaimer! this course is not for total beginners, this course needs a solid understanding of the Unity User Interface. complete beginners can get lost easily. if you are a complete beginner but want to get some cool information and resources on how Graphics is created for video games then this course will be super fun for you.

What are you waiting for? Graphics in Unity 3D for Beginners | Udemy

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to create visual effects for games with Unity.
  • Master the post processing stack and every effect that comes with it.
  • How to structure AAA Visuals In Unity.
  • How to structure Advanced Image Effects.


  • No programming experience required
  • Basic knowledge of how to use the unity interface
  • Unity 2021.3 Preferably

Who this course is for:

  • Unity Beginners
  • Game Designers
  • 3D Artists
  • 3D Generalists
  • VFX Beginners

Graphics in Unity 3D for Beginners | Udemy

Can you make good graphics in Unity?
Sure, you can create beautiful graphics in Unity as well, but it will probably take you longer and you might not reach the same quality.
What is graphics in Unity?
In graphic design, unity is the principle that pulls together all the other elements of the design. Your design should be focused. Each element of the piece should feel like it belongs there, rather than standing out in isolation or failing to fit with the rest of the elements of the design.
What graphics card is best for Unity?
What is the best video card for Unity? Any high-end GeForce video card will work well in Unity, but here are some of the top models currently available: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 16GB – This GPU offers great performance for its price, and has plenty of power to handle multiple displays without a problem.
How much RAM is good for Unity?
 How much RAM is recommended for Unity? The minimum RAM that we would recommend for Unity is 32GB, upgrading to more memory if you're working with large projects or multiple applications at once.
Is it hard to learn Unity 3D?
Is Unity easy to learn? If you already know how to program, learning Unity should not be too difficult. However, learning Unity may be much more complicated if you are new to programming. Keep in mind that you need to be able to code in C# to use Unity effectively.
11 easy tips to get more FPS and better performance on your gaming PC
  1. Turn on Game Mode. ...
  2. Turn on Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. ...
  3. Change your power settings. ...
  4. Turn on G-Sync. ...
  5. Ensure you're running the right refresh rate. ...
  6. Turn on Ultra-Low Latency Mode. ...
  7. Optimise games with GeForce Experience. ...
  8. Experimental Features and tuning.

 Can Unity use vector graphics?

You import SVG files into the Unity Editor like any other assets. Either drop them directly into the Assets folder in the Projects window, or select Assets > Import New Asset from the menu bar. When imported, you can instantiate the resulting assets in the Hierarchy View or the Scene View.
Do you need a graphics card for Unity?
No. You don't need a dedicated graphics card to make games but the more complex the game you make the more demanding it will be on your hardware and you may eventually find it necessary to have one
Can low end laptops run Unity?
Does Unity Require a Good PC? It definitely doesn't need the latest and greatest hardware, and you can run it just fine on anything released in the last 5 years.
How to Make a Simple Game in Unity 3D
Step 1: Create a New Project. Open Unity3D. ...
Step 2: Customize the Layout. ...
Step 3: Save the Scene & Set Up the Build. ...
Step 4: Create the Stage. ...
Step 5: Create the Player. ...
Step 6: Making the Player Move Around. ...
Step 7: Add Lighting. ...
Step 8: Fine-tune the Camera Angle.