Microsoft Excel- Create Dashboards and Master Power Query


1: Microsoft Excel- Create Dashboards and Master Power Query

Master Excel's most useful formulas and create your own dashboard using Power Query - from scratch!

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If you are looking for the best place to learn Excel's basics and upgrade your skills - this is the course for YOU!

This course is designed to provide students with comprehensive training on how to create professional-looking dashboards in Excel.

With over 3 hours of content, this course is packed with valuable information that is available to students forever.

In those 3 hours, students will learn how to create dashboards from scratch, and how to master advanced features such as Pivot tables and charts.

These features are essential for creating dynamic and interactive reports, and will give students the ability to analyze and present data in a clear and meaningful way.

In addition to learning about these advanced features, students will also learn about Excel formulas. These formulas are the backbone of Excel and are essential for automating calculations and analyzing data.

We will cover a wide range of formulas, from basic arithmetic to more advanced functions, and will provide students with the knowledge they need to take their Excel skills to the next level.

Overall, this Excel online course is perfect for beginners who are looking to become proficient in Excel, as well as more advanced users who want to take their skills to the next level.

With a focus on creating professional-looking dashboards and mastering advanced features, this course will provide students with the knowledge they need to succeed in the world of data analysis and reporting.

Additionally, there is a 30-day return policy, ensuring that students are completely satisfied with their learning experience.

Come join us and start your journey today!

Microsoft Excel- Create Dashboards and Master Power Query Udemy Deal

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to create dashboard from scratch
  • Mastering Microsoft Excel fundamentals
  • Get to know Excel's basic formulas
  • Mastering Pivot Tables and Charts
  • Mastering Power Query and get to know the tool - as it also useful for Power BI


  • No prior Microsoft Excel knowledge required
  • Microsoft Excel installed

Who this course is for:

  • Microsoft Excel users
  • Dashboard builders - beginners to pros
  • Power BI users

Microsoft Excel- Create Dashboards and Master Power Query Udemy Course

How do I create a dashboard in Excel?

7 Steps To Create A Dashboard In Excel
Step 1: Import the necessary data into Excel. No data. ...
Step 2: Set up your workbook. ...
Step 3: Add raw data to a table. ...
Step 4: Data analysis. ...
Step 5: Determine the visuals. ...
Step 6: Create your Excel dashboard. ...
Step 7: Customize your dashboard.

How do I create a dynamic dashboard in Excel?

  • Create an Excel Dashboard in 8 Simple Steps
  • Start with a Clean Dataset.
  • Format data as a Table.
  • Create the first Pivot table and Pivot Charts.
  • Create Multiple Pivot table and Pivot Charts for other variables.
  • Assemble the Excel dashboard.
  • Add Slicers & Timelines.
  • Connect Slicers to data.
  • Update the Excel Dashboard.

How do I create an automated dashboard?

4 Steps to Building Automated Dashboards
Step 1: Confirm Requirements. This includes confirming the data calculations, data selection criteria, and how the information will be sliced (geography, business unit, timing, etc.) ...
Step 2: Validate Data. ...
Step 3: Build Wireframes. ...
Step 4: Integrate & Automate.

Microsoft Excel- Create Dashboards and Master Power Query Udemy Best

How do I add a query to my dashboard?

  • To add query results to a dashboard
  • In the navigation pane, choose Logs, and then choose Logs Insights.
  • Choose one or more log groups and run a query.
  • Choose Add to dashboard.
  • Select the dashboard, or choose Create new to create a dashboard for the query results.
  • Select the widget type to use for the query results.

What is power query in Excel?

Power Query is a technology embedded in Excel and other Microsoft products designed to help you shape your data. In Excel, select the Data tab on the ribbon to see the Get & Transform Data and Queries & Connections groups.

What is Microsoft Excel dashboard?

Image result
The Excel Dashboard is used to display overviews of large data tracks. Excel Dashboards use dashboard elements like tables, charts, and gauges to show the overviews.

The dashboards ease the decision-making process by showing the vital parts of the data in the same window.

What is Excel dashboard in Excel?

What Is an Excel Dashboard? The Excel Dashboard provides an overview of metrics and other data points in one place. In simple terms, dashboards are visual representations of data.

They mostly consist of charts and graphs, thereby grabbing the user's attention. Looking at raw Excel data can be boring

How do I create a performance dashboard in Excel?

4 Steps to Building an Excel KPI Dashboard
Step 1: Ask the right questions to define the right type of KPI dashboard. ...
Step 2: Break down expectations for data collection. ...
Step 3: Audit and organize the raw data. ...
Step 4: Choose the graphs to best represent your key performance indicators.

Microsoft Excel- Create Dashboards and Master Power Query Udemy Coupon