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I will develop either python, cpp, or java applications

I will develop either python, cpp, or java applications

The less non-C++ or Python code I have to write, the better. The thing about Django (Python web framework) is that it requires you pretty much write the HTML

Get I will develop either python, cpp, or java applications

Programming engineer from 3 different high schools!

With five years of experience using C, three years of experience with C#, C++ and Java, and four years of experience dealing with UML, ERDs, Merise and DB implementation in many DBMS (Oracle, MSSql, MySQL, Postgresql and Access)

I have already realized so many programs for my studies' projects, for two orgnizations throughout internships, and also for real customers.

 I will do desktop programs and applications for you, and I'll comment as much as i can the source code so that it could be easily understandable to every customer, which will help a lot in maintainable issues and reverse engineering process.

  • I have a thorough understanding of  C, C++, Java and C#
  • I have a deep understanding of Data structures and Algorithmic, 
  • I have also a good background in mathematics which help a lot in analyzing and resolving issues.  

 You can trust my skills. Feel free to contact me before making your order!

Sure! Developing applications in Python, C++, or Java are all great choices depending on what you want to do with your application. Python is a great choice for beginners because it has a simple syntax and is easy to learn. It’s also great for data analysis and machine learning applications1. 

C++ is a high-performance language that’s great for developing applications that require speed and efficiency2. 

Java is a popular language for developing enterprise-level web applications and microservices1.

Python has a wide range of applications including web development, data science, desktop GUI applications, artificial intelligence, game development, enterprise software, image processing solutions, and web scraping applications1.

For example, Python is used for web development solutions and is the go-to option for enterprises in today’s world1. 

It’s also used for data science and machine learning applications1. 

Python can be used to build audio and video player applications2. 

It’s also used in game development with libraries such as PySoy which is a 3D game engine supporting Python 33.

C++ is used in many highly used GUI (Graphical User Interface) based and desktop applications due to its high speed1. 

Some examples include applications of Adobe systems like Illustrator, Photoshop2, and Winamp Media Player from Microsoft1. C++ is also used in Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird2, MySQL Server2, Alias System – Autodesk Maya2, 12D Solutions2, Bloomberg RDBMS2 and many more2.

Hi, I'm IT engineer,

I can perfectly modelize, analyze, and develop your custom information system.

Feel free to contact me

programme length about 100 lines : $80

source code + code well commented (comment lines aren't counted as code lines) + exe file

4 Days Delivery

  • Source code
  • Detailed code comments