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I will do web scraping, crawling and data mining with python and nodejs

I will do web scraping, crawling and data mining with python and nodejs

Scrapy is the most popular web scraping and crawling Python framework with close to 50k stars on Github. One of the advantages of Scrapy is that requests are scheduled

Get I will do web scraping, crawling and data mining with python and nodejs

We take care of all the technical details of scraping the data so that you can focus on what matters most "Consuming the clean data for your business"

This gig includes data scrape from any kind of website (including dynamic sites, sites that require a login, sites protected with Distill networks, and Incapsula) using python/Node.js and provide you result in any format.

This gig includes extraction up to 50k rows after 50k and an additional charge of $0.0009 - $0.001 per row will be charged. (This limit is also applicable on resource downloads which can be ordered as extra)

Note: Some websites are protected with Very strong Anti-scraping methods which might result in a change in pricing or time required to complete the extraction. So, It is recommended to the buyers to first contact before placing an order as it will save your time as I can upfront give you the time required to pull the data in such cases.

For different requirements such as the need to set up daily or weekly extraction for pricing monitoring or data analysis purpose. Please message me.

Fiverr Course

There are many resources available online for learning web scraping. Here are some of the best resources that I found:

  • Online courses: Online courses are one of the best ways to learn anything, including web scraping. Some popular online course platforms that offer web scraping courses include Fiverr
  • Books: Books are a great source for learning new things, they can be used as reference material and they often provide a lot of detail on the topic. Some popular books on web scraping include “Web Scraping with Python” by Ryan Mitchell2 and “Python Web Scraping Cookbook” by Michael Heydt.
  • Forums: Forums are a great place to learn from other people who have experience with web scraping. Some popular forums for web scraping include Reddit’s /r/webscraping3 and Stack Overflow.
  • YouTube videos: YouTube videos can be a great way to learn about web scraping because they often provide step-by-step instructions on how to scrape data from websites. Some popular YouTube channels that offer web scraping tutorials include “Data Science Dojo” and “Python Programmer”.

There are many libraries available for web scraping in different programming languages. Here are some popular libraries for web scraping in Python and JavaScript:
  • Python: Python has many libraries for web scraping, some of the most popular ones include Beautiful Soup1, Requests1, and Scrapy2.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript also has many libraries for web scraping, some of the most popular ones include Axios3, Cheerio3, and Puppeteer3.
Hi, I am Prakriti Khanal and I am a self-learned Python/Nodejs programmer from Nepal with a focus on Web/Data Scrapping, Web Automation, API development, Data Science, and Custom Bots. 

I work with a team of Software Engineers under the name Parsedom. 

We work primarily on extracting data from websites from simple websites to complex ones and developing custom web scraping scripts/bots according to your custom requirements. 

We have been working in the web scraping field for more than 5 years and worked with popular institutions like the University of Rochester, Magpie, and many others.

Simple Static Websites : $85
Scrape upto 50K data from static simple websites. 0.0009 USD/row after 50k

3 Days Delivery
5 Revisions
  • 1 source mine/scraped
  • Formatting and clean up