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I will do machine learning, data science, deep learning projects in python

I will do machine learning, data science, deep learning projects in python

Machine learning and deep learning are both types of AI. Machine learning is a subset of AI that involves training algorithms to make predictions or decisions based on data. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that involves training artificial neural networks with many layers to recognize patterns in data.

Get machine learning, data science, deep learning projects in python

There are many machine learning, data science and deep learning projects that can be done using Python. Here are some examples of projects that you can try:

  • HealthCure — medical project — 7 disease detections
  • Doctor-Patient Appointment System in Python using Flask
  • Leaf Disease Detection Flask App
  • Youtube Comments Extraction and Sentiment Analysis Flask App
  • Object Detection using SSD
  • Pedestrian Detection using HOGs
  • Social Distancing using YOLOv3 — object detection
  • Face Recognition-based Attendance System

You can find more than 180 data science and machine learning projects solved and explained with Python on this Medium article. You can also find more than 3000 machine learning and deep learning projects with source code on this Medium article.

These are the services that I am providing:

  • Data Import (CSV, Excel, XLS, etc.)
  • Data Cleaning (pre-processing)
  • Data visualization
  • Data analysis using Pandas and Numpy
  • Data visualization using Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Predictive modeling
  • Machine learning and data analysis using Python
  • Classification and regression related problems
  • Clustering related problems (KMeans, DBSCAN, HDBSCAN, Hierarchical Clustering, etc.)
  • Filtering, aggregation, joining, handling outliers and missing values

I look forward to hearing from you to start working on your interesting project.

Minimal/Intermediate Project : $70

Data analysis and visualization of dataset.

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