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Full Stack - React Django DRF Channels Project - djChat

Full Stack - React Django DRF Channels Project - djChat React, Typescirpt, Django, Channels and DRF. Building a live chat application.

You'll learn

  • Develop Django projects with RESTful APIs using Django REST Framework (DRF) and efficiently manage project source control.
  • Build a robust chat server administration API with features like server filtering, channel management, and related data retrieval.
  • Create visually appealing front-end interfaces using React, React Router, and Material-UI for seamless user experience.
  • Integrate external APIs into Django projects using Axios, handle CORS, and implement CRUD operations for efficient data handling.
  • Implement secure authentication mechanisms using djangorestframework-simplejwt, including token-based login, registration, and WebSocket authentication.

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