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3D character sculpting in Blender - Viking edition

3D character sculpting in Blender - Viking edition Make big viking with small legs and huge... sword in Blender


Do you like this Viking character?

I will show you how i make it from scratch in this Blender course!

All realtime and you will be able to completely follow the sculpting of the character from a concept.

Basically, you will learn how to sculpt big vikings with thin legs and big swords.

My name is Niko and i am a 3D character artist and teacher. I have more than 20 000 students in my  courses of human anatomy, Zbrush and Blender.

In this intermediate Blender course we will make this VIking, following the concept from Laurel D Austin.

We will start by analyzing the concept and doing the VIking head. After that we will go trough the beard, hair, and helmet until we reach the torso, arms and legs. When we are ready with the initial body, we will start adding clothes, boots and armors. Then we will start refining everything we did, so we will make the character ready for 3D printing without thin or separate parts. Then it will be time to color the character and make some lighting setup and materials. We will also learn how to make a shadow catcher and turntable video at the end.

This course is mostly for intermediate Blender users, but if you are an thrill seeking beginner, you could try it too :).

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