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Batman! Nomad Sculpt Full Tutorial

Batman! Nomad Sculpt Full Tutorial Step by step 3D character design course for Nomad Sculpt mobile application!

What you'll learn

  • Create 3D Fan-Art - Just for renders and for 3D printing
  • Building 3D models from basic shapes using Nomad Sculpt
  • Proficiency with Nomad Sculpt application (Advanced)
  • Full Lighting and background environment finishing to complete 3D renders

In this slightly more advanced course, we'll build a 3D sculpt of Batman from the ground up.  We will start with blocking and step by step form our shapes that will become the body, armor and cape. You will create the full character design from a 2D reference. As always, experimenting and making this your own is encouraged!  Currently running Nomad Sculpt v1.78

We'll cover

  • Blocking the shapes using primitives
  • When to voxel merge / when not to
  • Using various tools to achieve the details and look we want
  • Keeping our model efficient in size
  • Lighting
  • Coloring and logo design in Procreate
  • Adding a backdrop / custom environment
  • Post process and rendering
I'll be using an iPad Pro 2021, but Nomad is available on many different tablets/devices: We won't get too high with vertices, so most devices shouldn't have any issues with the project. (I think around 5mil Max, my final render is 2.95m)   I've also included some extras like my Custom environment, image samples, and the final Nomad file that you open, examine, and reference as needed!

This is the perfect class for those interested in creating 3D model characters and also for 3D print style characters.

This class is also perfect for those looking to learn how to model/sculpt for miniatures as well! Whether you’re familiar with 3D modeling, or just getting started, nomad sculpt is a really fun way to sculpt anywhere anytime. You can also export files to other applications like Blender to continue to work with your sculpts as you need.

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