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English Literature: Understanding Shakespeare

English Literature: Understanding Shakespeare Get to Grips with the Language, Themes and Influence of One of Literature's Greatest Writers

What you'll learn

  • Discover what made Shakespeare one of the greatest writers in world literature
  • Understand Shakespeare's language
  • Find out about the themes of his plays and poetry
  • Engage with modern and historical criticism of Shakespeare's work
  • See Shakespeare in his historical and literary contexts
  • Enjoy some of the most beautiful literature ever written
  • Quote Shakespeare
  • Use the set discussion questions and resources to formulate your own reponse to the texts
  • Learn about Shakespeare's tragedies, comedies, romances, historical playsl classical plays, problem plays and his long poems and sonnets
  • Should you choose, you can engage with other students and the instructor at the monthly book club
  • Excel at English Literature tests and essays on Shakespeare
  • Discover great resources for studying the work of Shakespeare

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